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Cucumber Grafted Duo

Cucumber Grafted Duo is two popular varieties of cucumber that have good mildew resistance and are perfect for growing in the greenhouse. Both have have high yields and a long cropping season, with low risk of being affected by pests or diseases. Height: 3m (9?). Spread: 45cm (18).*…  More Info

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Medlar 'Nottingham'

…excellent eaten with wine, port and cheese, but they are more usually used for preserves or the Victorian delicacy Medlar cheese. 'Nottingham' is grafted onto a 'Quince A' rootstock, giving a productive and moderately vigourous tree. Medlars will begin to fruit 3 or 4 years…  More Info

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Pluot 'Purple Candy'

…of an apricot The large, smooth, red skinned fruits can be harvested from August. Pluot 'Purple Candy' is a self-fertile, naturally small tree grafted onto a semi-dwarfing rootstock, giving a compact, productive tree.Height and spread: 2.5m (8'). Rootstock: Peach Seedling.…  More Info

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