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Hardy 'Garden Cactus'

…well loved house plants, but rarely seen outdoors in the UK! This Chamaecereus x Lobivia hybrid changes all that, making a superb hardy ?Garden Cactus? that can survive short periods as low as -7C (45F). Echinopsis hybrid (Chamaelobivia group) makes a real talking point in…  More Info

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Cactus Mix

…favourable, you may even be rewarded with a colourful display of exotic looking cactus flowers! When you add this product to your basket, we will carefully select the plants from the mix currently available. Our Cactus mix includes so many species that we are unable…  More Info

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Euphorbia acruensis

With its candelabra shape and distinctive Cactus-like appearance, Euphorbia acruensis makes a superb specimen for your home or a warm conservatory. This majestic plant reaches colossal sizes in its native home of the African tropics but should remain perfectly manageable in your home.…  More Info

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Garden Grow Ninepiece Zinc Planter Set

…planted with herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme etc or annuals such as Geraniums, Begonias etc. They also look great when planted with succulents and cactus. Constructed from durable galvanised zinc and designed without drainage holes. Specification: Top diameter: 13cm Bottom…  More Info

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Dahlia Cactus Collection

This dahlia collection is great for providing vibrant colours in your garden at the end of summer and start of autumn. Each of the four varieties have been selected for their beautiful colours, and large fully-double blooms. They are also great for cutting gardens and allotments, as they…  More Info

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Cacti Drip Feeder

…condition, it's a good idea to feed it occasionally. The Cacti Drip Feeder, is a balanced liquid feed that has been developed specifically to feed cactus plants. To use, simply snip the end off the ready to use dripper, and insert the cut end into the compost. It will then…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Rebecca's World'

Welcome to 'Rebecca's World' where crimson blooms that fade to white, sit side by side with white blooms that mature to deepest red. Each sumptuous semi-cactus dahlia flower adds its own individual character to create a magical display of large 15cm (6) blooms in late summer. Height: 110cm…  More Info

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Dahlia Cactus Collection

Selected to give you the best possible display of wonderful Cactus Dahlias, this collection is guaranteed to brighten up your borders with an array of colours that will not only look good in your garden but are great for cutting and bringing indoors too. Varieties are: Orange…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Cactus Collection'

Each of the five varieties in this vibrant cactus dahlia collection have been selected for their striking colours, large fully-double blooms and garden performance. The tall sturdy stems and repeat flowering quality make them excellent for cut flowers.  More Info

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