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Grape 'Phoenix'

…with this outstanding variety of white grape! From German breeding, Grape ?Phoenix? has superb disease resistance and produces good sized grapes in dense, tightly-packed bunches from autumn. With aromatic, muscat-like qualities, these delicious juicy grapes<…  More Info

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Grape Duo

…up to 8m (26?).* Grape Duo comprises: * Grape 'Cabernet? - Superb red grape for making wine and delicious when sweetened as a juice. Best grown under cover to protect crops from early frosts. Harvest in October.* Grape 'Chardonnay' - One of the most…  More Info

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Grape 'Chardonnay'

Grape ?Chardonnay? is enjoyed by wine drinkers all over the world, and is certainly one of the most popular varieties. This self-fertile Grape produces sweet fruit that can be enjoyed freshly picked, when they ripen from September onwards. In the UK, the fruits ripen early…  More Info

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Grape 'Boskoop Glory'

…savour the fresh, sweet and satisfying taste of dessert grapes grown in your own garden? Grape 'Boskoop Glory' is produces a reliable, sweet and tasty crop, and is both disease resistant and easy to grow. Very much a firm favourite, this black grape promises…  More Info

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Grape 'Cabernet'

A well-known red Grape with a rich, berry flavour when used for wine making. When sweetened they make a delicious and refreshing juice. The fruits are borne in conical bunches, ripening late in the season from October. In the UK, Grape ?Cabernet? produces the best crops when…  More Info

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Penstemon 'Juicy Grape'

With wide trumpet shaped flowers in a beautiful cherry red, Penstemon ''Sweet Cherry' deserves pride of place in your garden. The long-lasting blooms appear in summer above a flush of glossy, semi-evergreen foliage and continue well into autumn, long after other plants have started to fade…  More Info

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Mahonia aquifolium

A striking, architectural garden shrub, Mahonia aquifolium will give you year round interest. The glossy, evergreen foliage is accompanied by acid yellow spring blossom that is followed by blue-black berries in the autumn, when the leaves gain a purple flush. Mahonia leaves are large and…  More Info

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Giant Grape Hyacinth 'Bellevalia Mixed'

Just like a giant Muscari flower - but double the size! Although remarkably similar to Grape Hyacinths, these unusual Spring bulbs are a different species entirely. Bellevalia bulbs produce upright stems from March to May, carrying stout cones of little bell shaped flowers above…  More Info

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Penstemon 'Sour Grapes'

Penstemon 'Sour Grapes' features attractive bell-shaped flowers on upright spikes in an unusual pink and blue blend, which is neither one colour nor the other. The remarkable colouring makes this hardy semi-evergreen perennial instantly recognisable, adding real impact to your…  More Info

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Muscari Duo

Grape Hyacinths are a familiar sight in cottage gardens around the UK. These reliable little bulbs don?t ask for much care, but will flower each spring in a colourful display of conical flower heads. Our Muscari Duo is a mix of the traditional blue species with the recently…  More Info

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Muscari 'Pink Sunrise'

A bright new development among Grape Hyacinths! Muscari ?Pink Sunrise? is a captivating new variety with exquisite pale pink, conical flower heads in spring. Just like their blue cousins, they are reliable and low maintenance, returning year after year in an ever increasing colony.…  More Info

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Muscari armeniacum

This vigorous Grape Hyacinth produces flower spikes topped with conical clusters of cobalt blue, bell shaped flowers. Once planted, Muscari armeniacum requires virtually no further attention and will happily look after itself. This delightful RHS AGM variety is ideal for creating…  More Info

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Muscari River Collection

The rich blue flowers of Muscari make a splendid sight when planted en masse. Partner them with clusters of gold and red Tulips and you have an awe-inspiring display! Our Muscari River Collection is the easy way to create a professional display that will return year after year, with…  More Info

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Tomato 'Mountain Magic' F1 Hybrid

…It also has in built genetic resistance to both verticillium and fusarium wilt and cracking. Mountain Magic F1 has a high sugar level from its grape tomato parentage. The smooth, uniform, evenly-coloured fruits, each weighing around 56g, have consistently been rated high in…  More Info

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Spring Bulb Bumper Pack

…Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 8cm (3). Muscari armeniacum (25 bulbs) - A popular spring bulb that is probably one of the easiest to grow - a clump of grape hyacinths will gradually spread over the years to form a carpet of vivid blue flowers that look stunning planted in a…  More Info

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