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Sweet Pepper 'Capino'

…them outdoors. Sweet Pepper 'Capino' produces plump, shiny-skinned, dark green fruits that gradually ripen to bright yellow. This vigorous variety is best suited to the greenhouse but will produce a worthwhile crop in a sheltered spot on a sunny patio. These sweet<…  More Info

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Sweet Pepper 'Celica' F1 Hybrid

…can rely on Sweet pepper 'Celica' for a good crop. The glossy, bright red fruits have a firm and crunchy texture that makes the perfect addition to stir frys. They provide a fresh, crisp bite to salads and make an excellent snack for dipping into hummous. For best…  More Info

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Sweet Pepper 'Parade'

The glossy, narrowly pointed fruits of Sweet pepper 'Parade' make an appealing crop for the greenhouse, or even a container on a sunny patio. The neat little fruits, ripen from green to bright scarlet with a sweet, crisp flavour. Add them to stir fries and salads for a…  More Info

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Sweet Pepper 'Mini Bell Mixed' (Seeds)

Highly colourful peppers that are sweet and crunchy to eat. A huge, tasty crop will be ready to harvest from July until October. Ideal for mixed salads, stir-fries, and for stuffing. Height and spread: 35cm (14).  More Info

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Pepper Bontempi Grafted

…your own sweet peppers, to add to salads, along with your home grown tomatoes and cucumbers. It is a robust variety, that can be grown outdoors, as well as inside greenhouses and has good resistance to pepper mosaic virus, with plenty of F1 vigour. The sweet…  More Info

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Sweet Pepper Snack Peppers

…your lunch box with these tasty snack peppers! Bite sized fruits are borne in profusion on neat, well branched plants that make great container crops. Perfect for the balcony or a sunny patio! The delicious, sweet peppers are thick walled, with a crisp,   More Info

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Sweet Pepper 'New Ace'

Sweet Pepper 'New Ace' is a vigorous variety that offers early crops, and high yields. Cropping well, even in cooler summers, it makes an excellent choice for UK gardeners. The thick-walled fruits ripen from dark green to bright red, but can be harvested at any stage. This…  More Info

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Pepper 'Gourmet' (Seeds)

Compact plants produce a large crop of bright, orange, blocky peppers, that begin green and ripen to orange. Ready to harvest from July, they are ideal for summer dishes. Height: 75cm (30). Spread: 50cm (20).  More Info

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Chilli Pepper 'Apache' F1 Hybrid

…variety. Chilli Pepper 'Apache' produces heavy crops of bullet shaped, green fruits that gradually ripen to scarlet red. Each Chilli Pepper reaches up to 7cm long making an attractive display as the fruits ripen. Chilli ?Apache? has a hot and fiery flavour, followed…  More Info

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