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Evergreen Standard Shrubs

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Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' (Patio Standard)

…red young foliage, this hardy evergreen shrub is deservedly popular, holding an RHS Award of Garden Merit. Clusters of dainty white flowers appear in spring, followed by small red berries. With regular pruning, photinia is easily maintained as a patio standard and makes an attractive feature…  More Info

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Anisodontea capensis 'Elegans Princess' (Standard)

…patio plant. The cup-shaped pink flowers are reminiscent of hibiscus, with a raspberry pink ring at the centre of each bloom. Supplied as a standard on a single woody stem, Anisodontea capensis 'Elegans Princess' makes a great choice for containers, positioned either side of a doorway.…  More Info

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Holly 'Alaska' (Standard Tree)

…exceptionally hardy shrub bears white flowers in spring and once established spherical red berries in winter, which are loved by birds. The toothed evergreen foliage of Holly Alaska makes a striking impression with its head of glossy green leaves. This handsome standard shrub is ideal for containers…  More Info

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Abutilon megapotamicum 'Big Bell' (Patio Standard)

…as a standard to create a superb container plant. The main stems are naturally arching, creating a loose crown, set upon a vertical, clear stem. Bicolour, lantern-like blooms dangle from dainty, wiry stems from summer to autumn, against a dark backdrop of semi-evergreen leaves. This half-hardy shrub  More Info

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Holly 'Argentea Marginata'

…'Argentea Marginata' bears dark green, toothed, evergreen leaves with a striking creamy-white edge. White flowers are borne in late spring followed by an abundance of spherical red berries in winter, which are loved by birds. This handsome standard holly is ideal for containers and borders where the…  More Info

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Ligustrum delavayanum

This small-leaved privet is an excellent substitute for box topiary, avoiding all the pitfalls of box blight and box moth caterpillar. Fast-growing, and readily branching, it tolerates regular clipping and can easily be trained into dense, topiary shapes. Semi-evergreen, Ligustrum delavayanum may…  More Info

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Bay Tree Twisted Standard

…of water, your Bay will bring you pleasure for years to come. The glossy aromatic leaves ? which will keep for months indoors ? are widely used in country kitchens, either fresh, dried or ground. Twisted Standard Bay 50-65cm high. Supplied in 4 litre pot. Useful links: How to plant trees and shrubs  More Info

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Azalea (Standard)

…smother this elegant evergreen Azalea in spring. So floriferous that the glossy green foliage almost disappears beneath a mass of colour! Compact and slow growing, this hardy shrub makes an excellent low maintenance specimen for acid borders and containers. Choose from: Standard - height as supplied…  More Info

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Ilex 'Little Rascal' (standard)

…doorways with the stately form of Ilex ?Little Rascal? standard. This Japanese Holly cuts a striking figure, supplied as a standard shrub, with a neat head of foliage above a clear stem. With small, dark, evergreen foliage, this hardy shrub makes a superb alternative to Box topiary. It can be…  More Info

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Holly 'Golden King' (Standard Tree)

…an outstanding female Holly. A fantastic specimen for year round interest, this handsome shrub bears white flowers in spring and spherical red berries in winter, which are loved by birds. Its toothed evergreen foliage makes a striking impression with glossy green leaves that are edged with a golden…  More Info

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Azalea japonica 'Snow White' (Patio Standard)

Commonly known as Japanese Azaleas, these elegant, evergreen flowering shrubs with small glossy green foliage have become a true garden favourite. Compact and slow growing, Azaleas makes an excellent low maintenance specimen for acid borders and containers, producing a haze of colour in early…  More Info

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