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Laurus nobilis

Laurus nobilis is well known for its bay leaves which are commonly used to flavour curries, soups and stews. The glossy, leathery leaves remain aromatic all year round when growing on the handsome Bay Laurel tree and they can also be dried for easy storage in the kitchen.…  More Info

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Campanula pyramidalis (Mixed)

…Giant, slender spikes of blooms reach skywards, in shades of blue and white. Plant in containers either side of your front door for a colourful box or bay tree substitute! Culinary note: The flowers can be used as garnishes but are also dried and then cooked in Asian cuisine…  More Info

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Kingfisher Hanging Mealworm Bird Feeder With Plastic Canopy

…suit different needs. This is great for those who only want to attract smaller birds to their gardens. The feeder also helps to keep squirrels at bay and keeps the food below dry and fresh. Simply fill, hang on a branch or feeding station with the convenient, built-in handle…  More Info

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Geranium oxonianum 'Wargrave Pink'

…and early autumn is covered in five petalled, salmon pink flowers. It is very hardy and fast growing, making it a good natural way to keep weeds at bay, as it covers a lot of soil. It can self seed and produce more plants and is a nice addition to cottage garden borders, or…  More Info

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Creeping Phlox Collection

Delicate in appearance, but tough in character, these spreading perennials will carpet your garden in rich colour and keep weeds at bay. These varieties are evergreen, with a height of no more than 15-25cm. Each plant can spread up to 45cm across and will form spreading mats of mid…  More Info

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Supa Small Domed Stainless Steel Nut Feeders

…for birds are scarce. The traditional stainless steel construction is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, and helps to keep squirrels at bay. It offers not only a large capacity of approximately 350g of peanuts, but also has two rubber tipped perches, allowing birds…  More Info

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