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Original Veggie Bed

raised beds looks fabulous in the veggie garden or allotment. Fill them with vegetables, herbs and flowers, or give each of your children their own mini-garden! The clever design of these super-strong beds means that one size fits all! Each bed can be…  More Info

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Metal Raised Garden Bed - Light Green

Garden Life Metal Raised Garden Bed - Sage Green (Available in 3 sizes) A stylish raised bed in a choice of sizes is a great alternative to converting your outdoor space into a time consuming and space hungry allotment. These Garden Life Metal Raised  More Info

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Metal Raised Garden Bed

Garden Life Metal Raised Garden Bed - Sage Green (Available in 2 sizes) A stylish raised bed in a choice of sizes is a great alternative to converting your outdoor space into a time consuming and space hungry allotment. These Garden Life Metal Raised  More Info

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Nasturtium 'Baby Deep Rose'

…combined in an eye-popping display with others in their more traditonal colours, or as part of a pink-themed planting scheme. Easy to grow, ideal for filling pots, hanging baskets, tumbling over the edge of a raised bed or as a ground cover in borders. Height: 30-35cm…  More Info

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Herb 'Summer BBQ'

…Mediterranean flavour. Selected for their ornamental value, as well as their culinary versatility, they look great in patio containers, raised beds or borders. Harvest all season, from June to October, and then dry any surplus leaves to make your own bespoke dried…  More Info

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Potato 'Vivaldi'

…as a second early/early maincrop potato, so larger tubers are produced. It has good common scab resistance and is a good variety for growing in raised beds, planters and potato grow bags. Height and spread: 60cm (24). We secure the earliest, freshest lifted tubers to…  More Info

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Raspberry 'Yummy'

…and even produce fruit in their first year, so you won't have to wait for long. Perfectly proportioned for growing in patio containers or raised beds. Better still, these primocanes don't require a complicated pruning regime - either leave last years stems in place…  More Info

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Thyme 'Golden Queen'

…excellent culinary herb which combines the familiar thyme flavour with a citrusy tang. Plant Thyme 'Golden Queen' in terracotta patio pots, raised beds, rockeries or along border edges where it will form cushiony mounds of attractive foliage which produce masses of…  More Info

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Pea 'Pacco'

…throughout spring and early summer for continuous crops right through to autumn. Easy to grow and quick to crop, peas are a great choice for children to grow. Suitable for growing up climbing supports in raised beds, patio containers or out on the veg patch. Height:…  More Info

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Garden Grow Large Wooden Planter

raised planter from Garden Grow. Constructed from strong and durable wood, this raised planter is both attractive and practical. Perfect for gardening on a smaller scale, thanks to its convenient height there is no difficult or uncomfortable bending over when…  More Info

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Garden Grow Medium Wooden Planter

…gardening on a smaller scale, thanks to its convenient height there is no difficult or uncomfortable bending over when gardening. Larger than most raised beds, the size of the medium planter is ideal for a vast amount of plants and vegetables. The portable design…  More Info

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Strulch Garden Mulch

…easy to use which makes strulch the product for your garden. Strulch also benefits from a neutral pH and can be used throughout the garden in raised beds, in the borders or around your fruit & veg plot. The straw can be left on the surface giving an earthy brown…  More Info

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Hanging Basket Mix Pre-planted

…where you'll most enjoy their summer colour. Then all you need to do is water them and wait! Our Mixed Bedding Seed Raised Basket is a colourful combination of popular varieties, all raised from seed, so we can offer them at a superb price! Perfect for…  More Info

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Petunia 'Frills & Spills? Mixed'

A firm favourite with our customers! Petunia 'Frills & Spills'? is the perfect choice for filling window boxes, hanging baskets and patio containers. Throughout summer, a riot of frilly, fully double blooms cascade from its tumbling stems, in a kaleidescope of colours. Bred to withstand…  More Info

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Petunia 'Amore? King & Queen of Hearts' Duo

This royal duo of fantastically free-flowering petunias is sure to get your heart racing. Petunia 'Amore™ King & Queen of Hearts' are smothered with blooms all summer, each boasting a central star - the Queen's in yellow and the King's in white. Surrounding the star are five bold…  More Info

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Grafted Tomato 'Giulietta F1'

Cordon ‘Guiletta’ F1 is a grafted Italian plum tomato giving high yields of large, juicy fruit from July to September. Tomato ‘Guiletta’ was a star performer in our trials and boasts strong resistance to a range of diseases. With excellent fruit set even in cool…  More Info

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Bacopa 'Topia Mix'

Masses of delicate blue, white and lavender blooms are borne above green trailing foliage throughout the summer. Bacopa ‘Topia Mix’ has a spreading and trailing habit which makes a perfect filler for cascading over pots and hanging baskets. Height: 15cm (6in). Spread: 60cm …  More Info

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Onion 'Sturon'

This traditional onion, which was awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit, is an excellent early maturing variety. Plant the sets close for green bunching or set them further apart to produce large storage onions. Sturon has good resistance to bolting and produces flavoursome bulbs which…  More Info

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Sempervivum 'Mixed'

Sempervivum comes in a fabulous range of forms and colours, with some even covered in spidery webbing. In summer, mature rosettes may produce panicles of star-shaped flowers. Superb evergreen succulents form dense rosettes of foliage which meld together to create a living carpet.' Although…  More Info

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Fruit Summer Strawberry Trio

Celebrate summer in quintessential British style with a bumper crop of delicious homegrown strawberries! With this superb trio of top varieties, chosen for their outstanding qualities and range of fruiting times to carry you through the whole summer, you can enjoy a better harvest than…  More Info

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Pak Choi 'Purple Rain' F1

Pak Choi 'Purple Rain' F1 is an eye-catching variety with reddish-purple leaf tops that contrast with green undersides and the bright green stems. Pak Choi is perfect for adding to salads and stir fries. 'Purple Rain' is ready to harvest in 30 days from sowing as 'baby leaf' or 45-70 days…  More Info

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Petunia 'Amore™ King of Hearts'

You're sure to fall head over heels in love with our new Petunia Amore™ 'King of Hearts'! Each bloom boasts a central white star surrounded by five bold red love hearts. Blooming from early spring until late autumn, this spectacular petunia will literally flower its heart out in pots…  More Info

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Pink Shockwave Pre-Planted Basket

…will turn up the heat on your patio and walls whatever the weather. These ready-made hanging baskets contain a carefully selected arrangement of bedding annuals which are all fast growing, free flowering and low maintenance. Pelargoniums provide height and structure whilst…  More Info

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Sempervivum SUPERSEMPS' ?Onyx?

Sempervivum SUPERSEMPS® ‘Onyx’ is a super-sized hardy sempervivum forming impressive rosettes up to 8 inches (20cm) across. Resembling a giant cut jewel, ‘Onyx’ features stunning geometrical leaf rosettes in a glowing mahogany-black. In summer, thick stalks…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Strawberry

Our Nurseryman's Choice Strawberry collection is a chance to bag our selection from customer favourite strawberries at great value. These versatile plants are suited to growing anywhere from the kitchen garden to window boxes to hanging baskets, allowing you to enjoy your own fresh home…  More Info

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Shallot 'Longor'

This French version of 'Jersey Long' has been awarded an RHS Award of garden merit for its extremely long bulbs with a superb flavour. Shallots have a much sweeter flavour than onions and can be used in stews and casseroles for a more delicate taste. This variety is a particular favourite…  More Info

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VegTrug? Home Farm Kit - 1.8m with Frame and Cover

The VegTrug? raised bed planter offers a stylish way to grow delicious salads and nutritious fresh vegetables on your patio, or in the garden with this great space-saving growing solution creating a productive miniature vegetable garden with a sturdy and attractive raised<…  More Info

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Pest XT Cat Scat Mat

…cat scat mat from Pest XT is a humane and chemical-free way of discouraging cats, dogs, and other small mammals from disturbing your gardens, raised beds, planters and houseplants. The spikes are made from a flexible plastic, so they warn animals away, without causing…  More Info

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Vegtrug Raised Bed Planter

The Raised Bed Planter stands at a height of 80cm, ideal for easy gardening without needing to crouch down or compromise on posture. This raised bed is perfect for growing shallow rooted vegetables such as radishes or spring onions and salad varieties. It…  More Info

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Dwarf Bean 'Maxi'

…so you won't have to wait for long! These short, bushy plants are ideal for growing where space is limited - they make a superb patio crop if grown in containers or raised beds. French Bean 'Maxi' shows good disease resistance, and surplus crops freeze well too.…  More Info

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Kent & Stowe Secatuers, Trowl & Fork Set

Kent & Stowe Carbon Steel Hand Trowel and Fork are the ideal tools for planting bulbs and seedlings in borders and raised beds. Designed with functionality and performance in mind, they feature high-quality, robust carbon steel heads. There beautiful FSC Ash wood tapered…  More Info

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Onion 'Electric' (Autumn Planting)

This autumn-planting red onion will happily over-winter to produce tasty semi-globe shaped bulbs, with a shiny red skin from late May to July. The attractive pink tinged flesh of Onion 'Electric' is superb for adding colour to salads and stir fries. It also stores well, giving you a…  More Info

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Giant Flowered Geranium Collection

Enormous heads of bloom with exceptional weather resistance make these giant geraniums stand out from the rest! Raised from cuttings, these plants have increased vigour and abundant flowers that persist throughout summer if deadheaded regularly. Fantastic for creating dramatic patio…  More Info

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Marigold 'Striped Marvel'

Raised by a Scottish T&M customer. We are delighted to introduce such a refreshing break in colour. Each petal is evenly divided by a red and yellow stripe and this produces a thoroughly eye-catching effect. The bushy, uniform plants produce masses of flowers, excellent for   More Info

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Phlox drummondii 'Cherry Caromel'

Sow this beauty straight outdoors or raise in modules for extra early colour! An extra special Phlox for beds, borders and containers. You won't be able to resist the fantastically rich caramel flowers with vibrant cherry centres! Let it take pride of place at the front of…  More Info

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