Yellow Petunia

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Petunia ?Capella?'Hello Yellow?

Say hello to the yellowest petunia ever bred! ‘Capella™ Hello Yellow’ boasts masses of intensely saturated, pure yellow flowers that have taken the horticultural industry by storm. Petunias in the Capella™ Series bloom earlier than most…  More Info

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Petunia Giant Collection

…cascading display of colour. Height: 40cm (16in). Petunia Giant Collection contains (5 plug pack / 10 plug pack):* Petunia 'Titan Giant White' (1 plug / 2 plugs) – pure white blooms with subtle light green veins radiating from a yellow eye.* Petunia  More Info

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Petunia 'Mystical Midnight Gold'

…incredible new variety. The ruffled, double blooms of Petunia 'Mystical Midnight Gold' are black with each petal delicately edged in pale yellow. Perfect for filling patio pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. This well-branched, compact Petunia has a free…  More Info

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Petunia hybrida 'Alenka' F1

Petunia 'Alenka' F1 is a true classic with lovely vintage colouring. Masses of baby pink blooms, 5-6cm across, with sunshine yellow centres create a beautiful display all summer and autumn until the first frosts. The plants are well-branched and compact, making them perfect…  More Info

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Petunia ?Crazytunia' Terracotta?

A petunia with a really striking colour palette, bearing a profusion of large blooms in subtle ‘watercolour’ washes of yellow, tangerine and coral pink shades. Modern breeding has dramatically extended the colour range in gardens, opening up creative displays…  More Info

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Petunia 'Amore Queen of Hearts'

An absolutely adorable petunia that will capture your heart, at least five times over. Each yellow blushed bloom has five bright red hearts formed by the petals as they merge into each other, making this a wonderful variety of the ever popular basket and container plant. A…  More Info

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Petunia 'Amore? King & Queen of Hearts' Duo

petunias is sure to get your heart racing. Petunia 'Amore™ King & Queen of Hearts' are smothered with blooms all summer, each boasting a central star - the Queen's in yellow and the King's in white. Surrounding the star are five bold red love hearts.…  More Info

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Petchoa 'Beautical' Collection

…wine-red blooms.* Petchoa ‘Beautical Caramel Yellow’ - Rich gold trumpets with darker veining.* Petchoa ‘Beautical Cinnamon’ - A profusion of sunset orange blooms.* Petchoa ‘Beautical French Vanilla’ - Creamy yellow flowers with…  More Info

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Amber Shades Basket

…Double’ – Fully double mini petunias in juicy blood orange shades. Trailing up to 50-60cm.* Bidens ‘Taka Tuka Red Yellow Star’ – Dazzling star-shaped red and yellow blooms. Height:60cm (24in). Spread: 45cm (18in)* Petunia  More Info

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Garden Ready Bumper Collection

…carnation-like flowers in a mixture of colours including reds, oranges, yellows and bicolour shades. * Busy Lizzie 'Beacon Mixed' - Flowers endlessly, in a wonderful bright colour mix, from June to November. * Petunia 'Easy Wave Ultimate Mixed'-…  More Info

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Calibrachoa 'Cabaret Good-Night-Kiss'

Calibrachoa, also known as million bells, are smothered in small flowers which resemble miniature petunias. Their trailing habit makes them perfect for hanging baskets and containers where they will flower for weeks on end. They combine well with more upright bedding plants such as…  More Info

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Petunia 'Susanna' (Tumbelina Series)

Pretty ruffled sunny yellow flowers adorn this eye-catching double trailing petunia. Just 5 plants of Petunia Susanna are sufficient to fill a hanging basket with masses of vibrant colour that will last all summer long. Perfect for window boxes, containers and flower…  More Info

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Petunia grandiflora 'Limoncello' F1 Hybrid

The best ever yellow Petunia! Bushy, compact and free-flowering, with large wavy blooms in an attractive two tone creamy-yellow bicolour, resembling the delicious Italian liqueur. Adds a zest of lemon to borders or containers. Prefers a light, well drained soil in full sun.…  More Info

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Summer Saver Collection

…in shades of yellow, rose, bronze and cream, with an attractive, contrasting stripe on every petal.* Lobelia ?Ultra Cascade Mixed? - Includes a mixture of old varieties which flower early in the season, and new varieties which continue the display later into the summer. *   More Info

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Colour Theme Perfect Summer

…stunning displays without having to worry over your choices. Colour Theme Perfect Summer contains a bright blend of highly floriferous mini petunias (Calibrachoa) which will bring a tropical carnival extravaganza to your garden this summer. Calibrachoa are easy-care flowers…  More Info

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Colour Hanging Basket Collection

…pale green, scallop-edged leaves. * Lobelia erinus 'Laura Deep Blue' - More reliable form than traditional varieties with superb heat tolerance. * Petunia x atkinsiana ?Pegasus Dark Red? - A free-flowering variety smothered with bold red blooms throughout the summer. *…  More Info

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Begonia 'Funky White'

…shade. The white blooms, have soft yellow centres, and are complimented by the dark green foliage. They look good planted alongside more colourful flowers, or in a totally white floral display, with other white varieties of plants, such as geraniums and petunias.  More Info

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