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Euonymus europaeus 'Red Cascade' (Large Plant)

Euonymus europeaus 'Red Cascade' is a selected form of a familiar hedgerow plant called the spindle bush. A deciduous shrub or small tree, with smooth, olive-green stems. This form was chosen for its particularly prodigious flowering; the rosy-red winged-fruits breaking open to reveal…  More Info

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Hosta 'Giant Leaved Mix'

…Williams' - The crinkled, blue-green leaves are edged with golden margins that make a pleasing contrast. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 75cm (29). * Hosta ?Olive Bailey Langdon? ? Large, corrugated blue-green leaves with wide golden margins that resist sun scorch. Height: 75cm …  More Info

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Hosta 'Olive Bailey Langdon'

Hosta 'Olive Bailey Langdon' is an RHS AGM award winning perennial which will thrive in shady areas blooming with large, corrugated leaves and white bell-shaped flowers in the summer. The grand leaves have a blue- reen colour with broad gold margins that enable them to avoid sun…  More Info

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Tomato 'Rainbow Blend' F1 Hybrid

…colourful! This stunning mix of baby plum tomatoes will add interest and taste to your salads, sauces and a whole host of other tomato dishes. The olive shaped fruits each weigh 16-20g (' - 'oz) on average, with a delicious flavour and a high level of sweetness. * Tomato …  More Info

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Orlaya grandiflora (National Trust)

…flowers appear in early summer and persist through to autumn. Orlaya grandiflora is of Mediterranean origins, flourishing in grassy meadows and olive groves. This easy-going, hardy annual is perfect for creating a natural feel in sunny borders, reminiscent of wild cow…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Hardy Potted Collection'

…is covered with pink-red and purple flowers from June onwards. Height and spread: 30cm (12).* Fuchsia magellanica var. gracilis 'Versicolor' ? Olive green foliage splashed with cream and pink variegation makes a bright backdrop for the slender scarlet and indigo flowers.…  More Info

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Pansy 'Envy'

A breeding breakthrough! The Green Pansy! Amazing, olive-green blooms borne on compact, bushy plants, flowering over a long period. Suitable for borders or containers in winter or summer displays. Occasionally changeable weather conditions may provide you with even more unique shades,…  More Info

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