Perennial Stocks

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Stock 'Brompton Mixed'

Upright bushy, early flowering biennials producing gloriously scented flowers in a good colour range which are splendid for cutting. Flowers early summer. As a top tip; Once the seedlings appear you can reduce the temperature down to 5'C (40'F), this will result in the seed leaves changing…  More Info

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Seasonal Border Perennial Plants 'Nurserymans Choice'

Gift yourself a lovely surprise with a lucky dip from our seasonal perennial nursery stock! We will send you a selection of hardy plants randomly selected from our current stock. We can't specify exactly which species you will recieve - that would spoil the fun! You…  More Info

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Aconite in the Green

…into March. Plant them in damp, moderately fertile soil and enjoy their low-growing yellow cheer at a time when little else is flowering. Easy to establish, these undemanding perennials will gradually naturalise and spread. All bulbs are grown from cultivated stock.  More Info

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House Plants Hanging Mixed

…where their elegantly trailing form brings a sense of serenity and calm. This pre-planted hanging basket contains a lucky dip mixture of our best stock which will alter according to season and availability. Listed below are some of the plants which could be included:…  More Info

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