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Nemesia 'Tapestry Mixed' (Seeds)

Bushy upright growing plants are clothed in masses of eyecatching blooms. They create a great summer time display in borders, pots, windowboxes and baskets. Height: 25cm (10). Spread: 15cm (6).  More Info

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Nemesia 'Seventh Heaven'

Flowering throughout the summer months, Nemesia 'Seventh Heaven' is a perfect plant for cottage garden borders and planters. Its scented, bi-coloured flowers are larger than other traditional varieties of Cape Jewels. 'With a neat, dense and bushy habit, it is well suited to growing…  More Info

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Nemesia Collection (Nesia™ Series)

…easy to grow, these Nemesia can be planted in bold groups or as part of a mixed display, where they always associate nicely with other bedding plants. Height: 25cm (10). Spread: 15cm (6). Nemesia Collection comprises:* Nemesia 'Fantasy' - Large, bicolour, pink…  More Info

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Nemesia 'Honey Dark Purple' (Honey Series)

Long flowering and with a sweet honey fragrance, Nemesia 'Honey Dark Purple' is the perfect addition to patio pots and sunny borders. Blooming profusely all summer long, this fantastic new variety puts on a wonderful tricolour show with petals in shades of purple, deep pink and a…  More Info

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Nemesia 'Tropical' (Nesia™ Series)

The fiery shades of Nemesia 'Tropical' bring a blaze of colour to summer displays. Bred for extra-large blooms and a free flowering habit, it makes a superb patio plant for containers and window boxes. These neat, upright plants work well in beds and borders too, creating a long…  More Info

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White Basket Duo Collection

…bearing an abundance of pretty, pure-white flowers. Bacopa ?Snowflake? has a neat trailing habit, ideal for spilling over the sides of containers. Nemesia 'White Lagoon' has an upright, bushy habit ideal for filling containers and beds. Both varieties look superb added to…  More Info

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Nemesia 'Fantasy Pink' (Nesia™ Series)

The cheery, open-mouthed blooms of Nemesia 'Fantasy Pink' are borne in abundance from June to September. This pretty variety comes from the Nesia™ Series, specially bred for bigger and better blooms. Glossy foliage covers the well-branched stems, forming bushy, upright plants…  More Info

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Nemesia 'Sunshine' (Nesia™ Series)

Nemesia 'Sunshine' brings a golden glow to your summer beds and borders! This cheery variety comes from the Nesia™ Series, specially bred for is extra-large blooms. With an upright habit, it forms a neat, compact and well-branched plant. An ideal choice for planting as part of…  More Info

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