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Hardy Nemesia

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Nemesia 'Wisley Vanilla'

This stunning tender perennial is most popularly grown as a bedding plant. Nemesia 'Wisley Vanilla' produces pretty white blooms with a pastel pink tone and a yellow eye throughout the Spring and Summer months. This deciduous plant has a strong sweet vanilla smell. With a bushy habit these are…  More Info

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Nemesia 'Seventh Heaven' F1 Hybrid

Compact, bushy little plants are smothered in perfumed, bicolour flowers from June to September. Nemesia ?Seventh Heaven? is the first bicolour available from seed, allowing you to fill your baskets, containers, window boxes and borders with their large, colourful blooms at a fraction of the cost.…  More Info

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Nemesia Nesia White

The white blooms of Nemesia Nesia White smother this floriferous little plant from spring to late autumn. The small, snapdragon-like flowers have a tiny yellow eye and are lightly fragrant. They will tumble from pots, hanging baskets and border edges, and are so prolific that the foliage is almost…  More Info

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Nemesia strumosa compacta 'Tapestry'

Bushy upright plants in a rich tapestry of colours which complement and contrast, in a very wide range including an eye-catching blue and white. The result is a superb glowing carpet of colour.  More Info

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Nemesia 'Trio Mio Alegria'

…eyes. Each variety has been carefully trialled and selected to produce the ideal combination with perfectly matched growing habits and vigour. Nemesia 'Trio Mio Alegria' is the ultimate in fuss-free gardening, creating beautiful pots and baskets in one ready-made combination. Height and Spread:…  More Info

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White Basket Duo Collection

…bearing an abundance of pretty, pure-white flowers. Bacopa ?Snowflake? has a neat trailing habit, ideal for spilling over the sides of containers. Nemesia 'White Lagoon' has an upright, bushy habit ideal for filling containers and beds. Both varieties look superb added to mixed hanging baskets,…  More Info

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Nemesia cheiranthus 'Shooting Stars'

…and exotic flowers in dazzling yellow and white, to illuminate your borders and containers. Just as shooting stars are a wonder of nature, so too is this exciting new Nemesia with its branching habit and delightful coconut fragrance. Flowers over a long period, throughout the summer into autumn.  More Info

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Nemesia 'Tapestry Mixed' (Seeds)

Bushy upright growing plants are clothed in masses of eyecatching blooms. They create a great summer time display in borders, pots, windowboxes and baskets. Height: 25cm (10). Spread: 15cm (6).  More Info

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Nemesia Ladies Collection

…tirelessly throughout the summer, making a pretty display in hanging baskets, window boxes and patio pots. Perfect for mixed plantings or grouped together. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 25cm (10). Nemesia Ladies Collection comprises: * Nemesia ?Lady Mary? * Nemesia ?Lady Kate? * Nemesia ?Lady Lisa?  More Info

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Nemesia 'Mello Red & White'

This is unquestionably one of the most powerfully impulsive flower colours to be found recently in any introduction in the horticultural world. The top petals are a full blooded, strong vibrant red, in clear contrast to the lower petals creamy whiteness. Use it in beds, borders etc, to brighten up…  More Info

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