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Fuji Cherry 'Kojo No Mai'

…to grow and look fabulous either as a specimen shrub, under-planted with early spring bulbs or as part of a wildlife garden where the abundant blossoms attract bees. In the autumn, the leaves take on rich orange and red tones, making this cherry superb for seasonal interest.…  More Info

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Amelanchier lamarckii

…large specimen tree is attractively open and airy. Amelanchier trees are deciduous and noted for their vivid colours, changing from copper red in spring to green in summer, and then beautiful orange and red tones by the autumn. It is popular for its magnificent white…  More Info

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Orange Tree

…are well worth the wait - try adding them to cool drinks in summer! Glossy evergreen foliage and clusters of fragrant waxy orange blossom in spring make orange trees ideal feature plants for conservatories and patios. Hardy to -10', they are best grown outdoors from…  More Info

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Lime Tree

tree, you can enjoy the taste of home grown limes for years to come. The citrus fruits may take up to a year to develop, but they are certainly worth the wait - perfect for adding to cold drinks in the summer months! The bunches of fragrant blossom and shiny evergreen…  More Info

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Citrus Tree Collection

…Oranges are well worth waiting for. With their clusters of spring-time waxy, fragrant blossom and shiny evergreen foliage, citrus trees make perfect plants for patios and conservatories. Our trio of citrus trees are hardy down to -10 degrees and best grown…  More Info

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Fruit Tree Orchard Collection

…and these sweet juicy pears are ready for eating from October to November. Self fertile. Height: 3m (9').* Plum Victoria - Delicious eaten fresh straight from the tree but also recommended for freezing, jam-making and desserts. Height when mature: 3m (9'). Useful links: How…  More Info

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Cherry 'Sylvia' (Mini Fruit Tree)

Delicate spring cherry blossom followed by a mass of delicious fruit in July! Specially bred dwarf variety, producing a mass of juicy cherries on stems reaching only 1m (3' 3) tall; just perfect for the patio! Supplied pot grown, 30-40cm (12-16) in height. Ceramic pot not supplied.…  More Info

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Fruit Meyer Lemon

…develop, but are well worth the wait - try adding them to cool drinks in summer! Glossy evergreen foliage and clusters of fragrant waxy blossom in spring make lemon trees ideal feature plants for conservatories and patios. Hardy to -10'C, they are best grown outdoors…  More Info

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Cherry 'Stella'

…crop of large, dark-red, sweet fruit in late July. Initially growing with an upright habit, it will gradually spread as it matures. Height: 4m if left unpruned but can easily be maintained to just 275cm (9'). Supplied as root-wrapped 1.2m high pruned tree. Useful links: How…  More Info

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Laburnum anagyroides

…splash of colour every spring when its golden-yellow flowers blossom. Their dripping beauty accounts for the common name of Golden Rain and they are accompanied by a fragrant scent and succeeded by silvery pods. This deciduous tree's spreading foliage ensures that the…  More Info

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Choisya ternata 'Sundance'

Mexican Orange Blossom is a popular shrub grown for its evergreen foliage, scented blooms and tolerance of difficult growing conditions, including coastal gardens. Choisya ternata 'Sundance' bears glossy, evergreen, bright yellow leaves, above which fragrant white flowers are borne…  More Info

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Wild Cherry (Hedging)

Wild Cherry is a great option for creating a hedge that offers seasonal interest. In spring the hedge becomes full of white blossom, followed by lush green foliage and red cherries in summer. In autumn the leaves change to shades of red and yellow. The hedging is suitable for the…  More Info

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Apple Appletini

Everything about this tree is in miniature ? except the size of the crop! Apple ?Appeltini? is a compact new variety reaching just 2m tall with maturity, making it perfect for a large pot on the patio! Its pretty pink blossom makes an attractive feature in spring, followed by…  More Info

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Forsythia x intermedia 'Goldrausch' (Large Plant)

…borders. Reliable and hardy, it's equally good as an informal hedge or wall shrub. Height 2.5m (8'). Spread 2.5m (8'). Culinary information: The blossoms are edible raw, though they can be slightly bitter. The will add colour to salads and are a cheery garnish. For more…  More Info

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Cotoneaster suecicus 'Coral Beauty'

…driveways, or the perimeters of buildings. It can help prevent weeds from growing, as it spreads over the ground. In spring it has creamy white blossom, and in autumn orange/red berries, that can attract garden birds. The leaves are dark green, and oval shaped. Height: 100cm…  More Info

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