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Crab Apple

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Medlar 'Nottingham'

This self-fertile variety produces a heavy crop of medium sized fruits which have an interesting caramel flavour. Medlar trees have large white spring flowers and attractive leathery leaves which turn to golden orange in autumn. The russet coloured fruits are excellent eaten with wine,…  More Info

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Crab Apple 'Prairiefire'

The most stunning of Crab Apple trees maybe? Malus 'Prairifire' boasts reddish-magenta blossom in spring, accompanied by purple foliage which later turns green. Maroon, cone shaped fruits follow, which mature in autumn and persist well into winter. The fruits are berry-sized…  More Info

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Wildlife Hedging Collection

…haven for wildlife. Wildlife hedging offers food, shelter and cover from predators for a multitude of garden visitors. Elderberry, Dog Rose, Crab Apple and Wild Cherry all produce nectar rich flowers which attract insects. The blooms are followed by colourful fruits…  More Info

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