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Shallot 'Jermor' (Spring Planting)

Shallot 'Jermor' is from French production of Jersey 'half long' types with long, rather than rounded bulbs that are often referred to as 'banana' shallots. The shiny copper-skinned bulbs with crisp, pink-tinged flesh make this a favourite with exhibitors. This RHS AGM variety is equally popular in…  More Info

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Shallot 'Longor'

This French version of 'Jersey Long' has been awarded an RHS Award of garden merit for its extremely long bulbs with a superb flavour. Shallots have a much sweeter flavour than onions and can be used in stews and casseroles for a more delicate taste. This variety is a particular favourite with…  More Info

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Shallot 'Lorient'

Finally a shallot you can reliably grow from seed! British-bred Shallot Lorient has been developed over 14 years with UK gardeners in mind. This superb variety offers superior performance compared to other seed varieties, and matches planting sets (immature bulbs) in terms of reliability, garden…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Shallots (Autumn)

…for much longer than onions, keeping for a year or more. Nurseryman’s Choice Shallots comprises 400g of shallots chosen at random from the varieties below:* Shallot 'Griselle' * Shallot 'Longor'* Shallot 'Longor' Organic* Shallot 'Jermor' Useful links: Companion Planting How to grow Onions  More Info

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Shallot 'Figaro'

Long, banana-shaped shallots from seed, as used by many celebrity chefs. Shallot 'Figaro' produces attractive, shiny, copper brown-skinned bulbs with crisp white flesh and a very distinct flavour. Sowing densities will determine the size of bulbs you harvest. Stores well for winter use in the…  More Info

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Shallot 'Golden Gourmet' (Spring planting)

A shallot with golden brown skinned bulbs, Shallot 'Golden Gourmet' (Spring planting) has been awarded an Award of Garden Merit by the RHS. Its bulbs grow large, and have low bolting incidence. This variety is easy to grow and the shallots store well over winter. Pack size: Approx. 500g. Approx. 20…  More Info

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Onion & Shallot Duo

Combining one of the very best red onions with one of the best red shallots, this formidable spring-planting Onion & Shallot Duo will meet all your kitchen needs. Whether you’re making stews, chutneys or salads, you’ll be glad to reach for one of these top-quality bulbs for an extra…  More Info

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Shallot 'Red Sun' (Spring planting)

Spring planting. Gaining in popularity due to its attractive red tinged skin, Shallot 'Red Sun' is arguably the best of the red shallots. Producing good yields of crisp, white fleshed bulbs of excellent flavour for cooking, salads or for pickling. Bulbs have long storage potential. Height: 35cm…  More Info

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Shallot Triple Pack (Spring Planting)

Shallot Triple Pack (Spring Planting) provides a selection of high performing shallots including both red, round, and long varieties, meeting all of your kitchen needs. Shallot Triple Pack (Spring Planting) comprises 400g of each of the following varieties: Shallot 'Jermor' - from French production…  More Info

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Chempak® Onion Fertiliser

Ideal for all Onion, Shallot, Garlic and Leek varieties grown outdoors. An organic granular fertiliser specially formulated with essential nutrients in the correct balance, slowly released throughout the season to give tastier, higher quality onions and increased yields. 1kg is sufficient for…  More Info

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Shallot (Autumn) Griselle

Autumn Planting Shallot 'Griselle' has a distinctly spicy flavour and is ideal for pickling as well as cooking. Incredibly easy to grow from sets. Height: 35cm (14"). Spread 15cm (6"). Delivery: Sept-Nov.  More Info

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Garlic & Shallot Saver Collection

Our Garlic & Shallot Saver Collection, contains a strong selection of Autumn planting varieties well bred for the British weather and valued for their good flavours and robust growth. Your collection will include: * Shallot (Autumn) Griselle 500g, - Ideal for pickling as well as cooking with a…  More Info

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Bumper Autumn Planting Onion/Garlic/Shallot

Our Onion, Garlic and Shallot Collection contains a versatile selection of white, red and shallot onions along with garlic to keep your cupboards stocked with these easy to grow vegetables throughout next summer and winter. The collection comprises: * Onion ‘Troy’ - Producing slightly…  More Info

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Bumper Autumn Planting Onion/Garlic/Shallot Collection

…Onion 'Shakespeare' is a British bred onion that produces dark brown-skinned bulbs. 250g pack.* Shallot ?Griselle?' - Distinctly spicy flavour and ideal for pickling as well as cooking (500g).* Shallot ?Longor?' - A French type producing the longest bulbs we have seen (400g).* Garlic Germidour…  More Info

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