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indoor fern

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Humata tyermannii

…beautiful fern that makes an elegant houseplant for a bright spot away from direct sunlight. Delicate, deeply dissected dark green fronds are held on wiry stems above the rhizome, whose tactile furry 'feet' curl intriguingly over the side of the pot. Perfect for the bathroom, Bear's Paw Fern loves…  More Info

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Mini Jungle Mix in Decorative Croco Pots

…shapes, colours and textures. (Please note: pot design may vary) As this is a lucky dip collection, your order may include (but is not limited to) any of the following varieties and will be chosen upon the picking of your order: Asparagus fern Bamboo Palm Heart Fern Nolina recurvata Star Fern  More Info

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Pteris cretica var albolineata

…albolineata is a truly stunning fern whose wavy-edged, glossy green leaves boast a bold white central stripe. The finger-like leaves are held in palm-like clusters. An RHS Award of Garden Merit winner, the Cretan Brake Fern is one of the easiest indoor ferns to grow. Height: 60cm (24in). Spread:…  More Info

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Platycerium veitchii 'Braam'

…fuzzy silver leaves, Platycerium veitchii 'Braam' is an unusual and exotic indoor fern. The strap-like leaves are forked when mature, resembling a stag's antlers. Native to southeast Australia, silver staghorn fern makes a spectacular specimen and is a great air-purifying houseplant, filtering…  More Info

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Arachniodes aristata 'Variegata'

An exceptionally handsome evergreen fern. Arachniodes aristata ‘Variegata’ sports thick, slightly glossy fronds adorned with a lime-green stripe along the midrib. Planted in groups it makes beautiful groundcover for shady spots, associating well with other shade-loving perennials such as…  More Info

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House Plants Hanging Mixed

…fail. Humata tyermannii - lovely fern with lacey, deep green foliage elegantly held on long airy stems. Below are hairy silver rhizomes which curl over the pot like furry feet, hence its common names of White Rabbit’s Foot and Bear’s Paw Fern. Maximum Height: 30cm (12”).…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Indoor Fern Mix

Ferns are fabulous for creating an exuberant indoor foliage display, offering a variety of interesting textures and foliage shapes. We’ve carefully selected this mix to exploit their best qualities, creating an instantly satisfying display which is ideal for shadier rooms. Contrast them with…  More Info

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Actiniopteris australis

This small tropical fern is a miniature beauty. Flat, fan-shaped fronds look like tiny palm leaves and have earned it the nickname, Eyelash Fern. Actiniopteris australis prefers a warm and humid environment and remains small and compact. This exquisite houseplant makes a lovely foliage specimen for…  More Info

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Lova Diversifolium (Lava plant) On Wooden Tray x 1

Microsorum is a creeping fern, native to Australia and New Zealand. The glossy fronds emerge from spreading, hairy rhizhomes. Grown upon porous Lava Rock, this Kangaroo Fern absorbs water and nutrients directly from the stone. It?s exposed roots and handsome wavy fronds make this unusual house plant…  More Info

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Pteris nipponica

A dainty and unusual fern for indoors or out. Pteris nipponica is a compact, deciduous fern with slender stems and finger-like fronds, each one adorned with wavy edges and a creamy-white central stripe. Pteris nipponica has a graceful, creeping habit, making it perfect for cascading over a border…  More Info

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Pteris umbrosa

…airy foliage. This half hardy, evergreen fern makes a lovely specimen for a sheltered terrace, courtyard or coastal garden where it will be protected from frost, or grown in a summer container and brought under cover over winter. It can also be grown indoors as a houseplant. Height: 40cm (16in).…  More Info

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Aglaomorpha coronans

Ferns are coming back into fashion and Aglaomorpha coronans is definitely the trendiest. Its glossy, green fronds have a distinctive veining pattern with an unusual snake skin appearance. As the plant matures the simple leaves become large and deeply lobed, their bold, simple outlines reminiscent of…  More Info

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Nephrolepis exaltata in round basket

Boston fern is one of the easiest houseplant ferns to grow, yet oozes elegance and tropical calm. Nephrolepis exaltata forms a lush clump of narrow fronds that gracefully arch over the sides of the stylish and contemporary basket pot, whose natural tones perfectly complement the bright green…  More Info

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Asparagus setaceus Plumosus

…this graceful Asparagus Fern! The slender stems are shrouded in the finest foliage that gives it a soft, fluffy appearance, but take care as they can develop thorns over time. Asparagus setaceus is instantly alluring, adding a calm and restful feel to any brightly-lit indoor space. Its fresh green…  More Info

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Asparagus Fern (House Plant Seeds)

An attractive indoor fern with soft, feathery foliage, the Asparagus fern sits beautifully within any contemporary or modern interior. The fresh green leaves are a welcome splash of natural colour which suits all styles. With its soft texture, this fern is a particularly lovely desk plant - the…  More Info

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