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English Yew (Hedging)

Ideal for growing as a formal hedge, English Yew will form a very dense, evergreen hedge that can very easily be shaped with regular clipping. It is tolerant of most soil conditions and is overall a very tough plant. Unsurprisingly, English Yew has been awarded a prestigious…  More Info

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Yew Hedging

A dense growth habit means that the narrow, leathery, dark green leaves form an very effective barrier or windbreak and is tolerant to dry soils or adverse growing conditions. Male plants produce yellow cones in spring and female plants produce red, cup shaped, non edible fruits.  More Info

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Mushroom 'Chicken of the Woods'

…a popular mushroom with foragers, growing naturally in the wild as bracket fungi on the trunk and stumps of Oak, Cherry, Sweet Chestnut, Willow and Yew. These globular to fan shaped mushrooms are bright, creamy yellow and have a strong mushroomy aroma. They have a solid and…  More Info

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