Yellow Patio Rose

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Rose 'Grandma's Rose' (Floribunda Rose)

…much you care with Rose 'Grandma's Rose'! She?ll love the long lasting golden blooms of this floribunda variety. Clusters of golden flowers with a delicate scent are produced in several flushes from this repeat flowering cultivar. A great addition to rose beds,…  More Info

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Rose Standard Yellow (40cm stem)

…been few more popular roses in the past twenty years than the much-loved Rose Standard Yellow. More reliable than ever before, this stunning rose still provides an amazingly generous display of yellow flowers. The Yellow Standard Rose  More Info

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Rose 'Laura Ford' (Climbing Rose)

Rose 'Laura Ford' (Climbing Rose) is a beautiful climbing variety that can transform a drab wall, or fence, or be trained up the sides of a garden arch, or arbour seat. The double-bloom yellow roses, cover the plant, from top to bottom, througout the summer.…  More Info

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Rose '3-in-1' Collection (Climbing Rose)

…The selected roses are pale yellow, soft pink and deep crimson in colour. For a really special display, choose our Rose '3-in-1' Patio Climber Collection which includes a Tower Pot? kit. Height: 200cm (78). Spread: 150cm (59). The Rose '3-in-1'…  More Info

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Rose 'Eye of the Tiger' (Shrub Rose)

An unusual shrub rose that has semi-double vibrant yellow flowers with deep burnt-orange centres. Combining the look of a wild rose with modern disease resistance and more vigorous, yet compact, plants you'll be enjoying these gorgeous flowers throughout the summer…  More Info

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Rose 'Belle du Jour'

…varieties to this honour, Rose ?Belle de Jour? was selected for its glowing, golden blooms with a fresh, spring fragrance and sweet vanilla undertones. This is a disease resistant variety that makes a great addition to sunny borders and works equally well in a patio  More Info

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Rose (Bush) Precious Collection

…Precious Series roses are some of the best varieties available. Fragrant, brightly coloured floribunda blooms are offset by glossy dark green foliage, on neat, rounded shrubs that are equally happy in patio pots as they are in the border. These award-winning Precious…  More Info

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Rose Standard Collection (40cm stem)

…border. The Rose Standard Collection will also look magnificent in your most stylish patio containers. Feel free to trim these roses as required to create the shape you want. Our Rose Standard Collection comprises four gorgeous colours - Pink, Red, White…  More Info

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Half Standard Rose Collection (45cm stem)

…Each rose will look fantastic set in borders or pot them up in patio containers for a truly stylish display. Feel free to trim these roses as required to create the shape you want. Our Rose Standard Collection comprises four gorgeous colours - Pink, Red,…  More Info

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Rose 'Precious Gold' (Floribunda Rose)

…perfect than Rose 'Precious Gold'? This repeat flowering floribunda rose produces its bright yellow blooms throughout summer. The flowers are shapely and gently scented, making a superb cut flower. With a neat, bushy habit, this beautiful rose will…  More Info

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Rose 'Yellow Fairy' (Shrub Rose)

'Yellow Fairy' is a scentless shrub rose with double bloom, warm yellow flowers all through the summer months. Yellow roses traditionally are a symbol of friendship. The rose is compact with plenty of dark glossy green leaves and is a nice …  More Info

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Begonia Bonanza Bundle

…baskets, patio pots and window boxes from June all the way through to the first frosts with this bumper bundle of reliable, floriferous and long-flowering begonias. For very little effort, these vigorous varieties will reward you with a showstopping display whatever the…  More Info

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Dahlia Maggiore Collection

…Purple? ? Rich, purple-red blooms make a dramatic display. * Dahlia 'LaBella Maggiore Fun Rose Bicolour? ? A pretty pink and white bicolour with a profusion of flowers. * Dahlia 'LaBella Maggiore Fun Chocolate Yellow? ? Bright lemon-yellow blooms bring a citrus twist…  More Info

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Bulb Bumper Pack

…double blooms coloured deep rose and etched with a white margin. Remains well-branching and neat, blooming continuously through to autumn in sun or partial shade. Height and spread: 30cm (12). Dahlia Patio Choice Mix (10 Tubers) - Semi-double blooms of pink, orange, …  More Info

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Winter Bedding Ultimate Collection

…(4-8).* Primrose ‘Husky Raspberry Punch’ (6 plugs) – a variety of pink blooms in shades of raspberry, rose and peach, each with a darker centre surrounding a yellow eye. Easy-to-grow F1 hybrids that are low-maintenance hardy perennials. Height &…  More Info

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Clematis 'Apollonia'

…of pure white flowers, with creamy yellow anthers , during June, July and August. It looks great amongst other climbing plants such as Jasmine and soft pastel coloured climbing roses. It is a low compact clematis that is suitable for trellis containers on patios  More Info

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Summer Saver Collection

…best ever summer display! Summer Saver 72 Collection comprises 6 plug plants each of:* Gazania ?Tiger Stripes? - A stunning blend in shades of yellow, rose, bronze and cream, with an attractive, contrasting stripe on every petal.* Lobelia ?Ultra Cascade Mixed? -…  More Info

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Bulb & Perennial Bumper Pack

…This new introduction has neat, compact growth with a more upright habit than many other geraniums, so it can even be grown in a container on the patio. Height: 25cm (10). Spread 30cm (12).* Geranium ‘Plenum Caeruleum’ (1 x Bare Root Plant) – Striking…  More Info

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