Yellow Dahlia

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Dahlia 'Black Beauty'

…again, painstakingly hand pollinating flowers in the dahlia glasshouse to create a near jet-black variety! The dark velvety blooms appear black until the sun settles on them, revealing a deep maroon shimmer, further enhanced by a vibrant yellow centre. Set these short…  More Info

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Dahlia Maggiore Collection

…dark green foliage. * Dahlia 'LaBella Maggiore Purple? ? Rich, purple-red blooms make a dramatic display. * Dahlia 'LaBella Maggiore Fun Rose Bicolour? ? A pretty pink and white bicolour with a profusion of flowers. * Dahlia 'LaBelle Maggiore Fun Chocolate   More Info

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Dahlia 'Gardenetta Fireball'

Dahlia 'Gardenetta Fireball' has been specifically developed for its stunning bicolour blooms, branching habit and mildew resistance. With an eruption of yellow and red petals that form neat, well-shaped rosettes these are unmissable when planted in beds and borders. The…  More Info

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