Winter Seed Potatoe

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Squash 'Baked Potatoes' (Winter) - seeds

…is a winter variety with pale orange skins and creamy white flesh. The fruits are produced in abundance, each weighing up to 700g. As the name suggests, they make a delicious alternative to traditional baked potatoes, but can also be roasted or used in warming soups.…  More Info

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Potato 'Adessa'

Potato ?Adessa? is the world?s first potato grown from seed to be made available to gardeners! This early maincrop variety cuts out the need for ?chitting? tubers, as it is supplied directly as plug plants. Simply plant them at the same time as your other vegetable…  More Info

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Potato Growing Bag

For an convenient and easy way to grow potatoes on your patio look no further than our Potato Growing Bags. These durable black/grey bags hold 8 litres of compost and the black and grey colouring prevents light reaching the developing potato tubers for healthy and…  More Info

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Winter Squash 'Potatoes Duo' - seeds

…iron, vitamins and minerals. Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 100cm (39). Squash ?Potatoes Duo? comprises: * Squash ?Baked Potatoes? - Pale orange skins and creamy white flesh.* Squash ?Mashed Potatoes? - Creamy white coloured flesh which looks just like mashed   More Info

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Squash 'Mashed Potatoes' (Winter) - seeds

A winter Acorn Squash with a wonderful secret! Beneath the dazzling white skins lies a creamy white coloured flesh which looks just like mashed potato when it is baked and fluffed ? but at just a fraction of the calories! Squash ?Mashed Potatoes? plants are productive…  More Info

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Squash 'Mashed Potatoes' (Winter)

Growing winter Acorn Squash in your veg patch or allotment will provide you with, on average, four squashes per plant, each weighing up to 700g. The white coloured flesh, once baked and fluffed up can be used as a low calorie alternative to mashed potato. Squash ?Mashed   More Info

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