Winter Lettuce

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Lettuce Leaves Crunchy Blend

…30 days. Lettuce Leaves 'Crunchy Blend' is ideal for growing in containers close to the kitchen door, but can also be grown under cover for a tasty winter crop. Make regular sowings for a constant supply throughout the season. This attractive mix contains a blend of …  More Info

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Lamb's Lettuce 'Favor'

…tasty as a steamed vegetable. This delicious Corn Salad has an upright habit that reduces the risk of soil splash or disease. Surprisingly weather tolerant, Lamb's Lettuce 'Favor' is perfect for early winter salads outdoors, or grown all year round as a protected crop…  More Info

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Cabbage 'Cabbice' F1 Hybrid

…sweet cabbage variety producing thick crisp leaves, just perfect for use in salads and coleslaws - use as an alternative to iceberg lettuce in summer and early winter salads. This vigorous round cabbage will perform in almost any free-draining soils, standing until…  More Info

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Lettuce Winter Density

The best lettuce to grow in the colder months! ‘Winter Density’ is a particularly hardy cos-style lettuce that is perfect for overwintering or getting the season off to an early start in spring. Similar to Little Gem, this superb and reliable winter  More Info

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Lettuce 'Arctic King' (Butterhead)

…bred for autumn sowing, Lettuce 'Arctic King' is well known for its exceptional cold resistance. This large Butterhead variety produces tasty light green heads with crinkled leaves for harvesting in spring. Lettuce 'Autumn King' is suitable for growing outdoors in   More Info

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