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Winter Aconite

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Aconite in the Green

These Winter Aconite bulbs are sold 'in the green' and delivered to you in early to late spring when the plants are growing. They can be planted under trees in dappled shade; in shady borders and in informal areas of grass where their sunny, buttercup-like flowers will…  More Info

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Spring Bulbs In The Green Collection

…scented flowers. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 8cm (3).* Snowdrops - Drifts of graceful nodding snowdrops signal winters end with an understated elegance. Height: 15cm (6). Spread: 10cm (4).* Aconites - A springtime carpet of golden/yellow blooms that will quickly…  More Info

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Aconites and Snowdrops

* Easy to establish* Ideal for dappled shadeThe golden cupped blooms of the winter aconite associate beautifully with the simple white snowdrop flowers for a spectacular woodland display. Easy to establish and virtually maintenance free, these woodland beauties are ideal for…  More Info

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