Wild Cherry

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Wild Cherry (Hedging)

Wild Cherry is a great option for creating a hedge that offers seasonal interest. In spring the hedge becomes full of white blossom, followed by lush green foliage and red cherries in summer. In autumn the leaves change to shades of red and yellow. The hedging is…  More Info

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Foragers Hedging Collection

…fruits that are rich in vitamin C and E, the juice and oils can be used for health benefits and even the leaves can be used for making tea. Wild Cherries, whilst bitter if eaten raw, can be cooked into pies and tarts with sugar to make them a tasty dessert. Supplied…  More Info

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Coreopsis 'Solar Collection'

…shear after the first flush, will continue through to October. Plants are compact and bushy, but still retain the natural, informal looks of their wild parentage, as well as their ability to attract loads of pollinators. Height: 50cm (20in). Spread: 45cm (18in) Coreopsis …  More Info

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