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White Tulip

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Tulip 'Blueberry Ripple'

Remarkable fragrant white blooms with vibrant purple blue flames at the base and the sides each petal. Plant tulips in groups and delight as they open to reveal their superb colouring. Why not cut some for a flower arrangement so that you can enjoy them indoors too! Height:…  More Info

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Tulip 'Jackpot'

Dark blackcurrant petals that bleed into white edges give Tulip ?Jackpot? a dramatic appearance. Perfect for those fashionable monochrome planting schemes, and extremely eye catching as a cut flower. But there?s more to Tulip ?Jackpot? than its looks - it also shows…  More Info

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Tulip 'Topgun'

Just look at this beauty - Pillar-box red blooms with white centres that are delicately edged in violet! Tulip ?Topgun? is extremely showy, with bold colours and wide open flowers that make an ostentatious display wherever you plant them. Fill beds, borders and containers…  More Info

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Tulip and Anemone Mix

Seductively dark red tulips rise above a tapestry of white Anemone blanda. This exquisite combination will certainly give your garden that professional feel. Tulip and Anemone Mix are the perfect choice for an elegant spring display in your beds, borders and patio…  More Info

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Tulip 'Black Cherry frost'

Tulip 'Black Cherry Frost' is an exquisite blend of two breathtaking varieties. The frosted mauve petals and icy white fringe of Tulip ?Cummins? makes a striking contrast with the deep plum shades of Tulip ?Gorilla?. Each shapely bloom boasts a delicate and…  More Info

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Tulip 'Flaming Duo'

…varieties, Tulip ?Grand Perfection? and Tulip ?Helmar? make a striking colour combination. Their ardent flowers can be coupled with colourful Heuchera to achieve a bold display of flaming colours, and are suited to a sunny or semi shaded spot. Ideal for cut flowers…  More Info

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Tulip 'Triumph Collection'

…'Snowstar' - classic and stylish pure white flowers * 'New Design' - White edged, grey green leaves that lead up to a beautiful soft pink bloom that is flushed with white and primrose yellow, * 'Ronaldo' - The deeper tones of this variety of Triumph Tulip  More Info

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Tulip 'Whispering Dream'

Tulip ?Whispering Dream? will mesmerise you with its gradual transformation as the blooms mature. Initially the white blooms are delicately edged in soft pink, but this gradually darkens and diffuses toward the base of each flower, until the top half is a deep shade of…  More Info

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Tulip 'Chic Collection'

…contrasting Tulip varieties offer you the best in colour and form. * Collection comprises:* Barcelona - in rich, deep magenta* Purple Flag - looking truly regal in deep purple* Pink Fountain - offering you pink blooms frosted with a pure white fringe* White  More Info

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Tulip 'Flaming Club'

A multi flowering tulip variety that will create a wow factor in your garden next spring. Tulip ?Flaming Cub? will produce between 5 and 8 blooms per stem, each individual bloom a striking mix of red and white flames. Perfect for planting en-masse in a large drift or…  More Info

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Tulip Bumper Collection

…style tulip with petals in a tropical orange colour Useful links: How to plant bulbs, corms and tubers Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers are edible. However, some people have had strong allergic reactions to tulip flowers. If touching them causes a…  More Info

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Tulip 'Ice Cream'

An extraordinary peony-flowered Tulip with a formation of petals that resembles an ice-cream cone! Layer upon layer of fluffy white petals are encased by an outer layer of magenta tepals, each with a green stripe. Sure to be a talking point in your spring garden, Tulip  More Info

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Tulip, Hyacinth & Anemone Mix

…containers. White Anemones begin the display in March, followed by deep purple Hyacinths, and an explosion of lilac and purple Tulips that keep the show going right through to May! Collection comprises: Tulip 'Candy Prince' - Goblet shaped lilac blooms with a…  More Info

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Tulipa 'Carnaval de Nice'

Create an eye catching display with these beautifully variegated, red and white blooms. Tulip ?Carnaval de Nice? is a later flowering variety that will bridge the gap between spring flowering bulbs and early summer bedding. It?s perfect for planting in patio containers too,…  More Info

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Iris 'Eyecatcher'

White petals are heavily patterned with rich blue and a yellow stripe with dark blue freckles, pushing through the cold soil to brighten the late winter garden. This adorable dwarf iris is a fantastic variety for patio pots, rockeries, windowboxes and at the front of borders. Ht. 15…  More Info

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Clematis 'Princess Kate'

An exquisite brand new variety which bears magnificent tulip-shaped blooms whose petals have a 'regal' purple outer and a white inner, flowers throughout summer. Get yours soon - as demand is very high! Useful links: How to grow Clematis  More Info

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