White Pom Pom

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Viburnum opulus 'Roseum'

A very elegant deciduous shrub producing pure white pom-pom flowers on graceful stems in late spring and early summer. Popular as a cut flower, Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' works well in cottage garden borders and makes an equally impressive specimen shrub. The maple-like leaves take on…  More Info

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Philadelphus 'Manteau d'Hermine'

The hardy Philadelphus ?Manteau d'Hermine' or Mock Orange will relish a prominent position in your garden. The double blooms of this delightful shrub are reminiscent of pom-poms, emitting an almost addictive ?orange blossom' perfume. The compact nature of this Philadelphus makes it perfect…  More Info

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Armeria maritima 'Alba'

…grows in coastal areas, making it perfect for coastal gardens. Armeria maritima 'Alba' is a white form of this small evergreen perennial, producing tufts of narrow, grass-like leaves and lots of pom-pom white flowers on slender stems from late spring to summer. Well…  More Info

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Marigold 'French Vanilla' (Garden ready)

This creamy-white flowered African marigold produces masses of large blooms up to 8cm (3) across that are absolutely pure in colour. Making a refreshing change from the usual yellows and oranges, the pom-pom flowers of Marigold 'French Vanilla' are borne on compact, bushy plants. An added…  More Info

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Dahlia dalina Maxi Collection

…with contrasting white tips* Dahlia Dalina Maxi Castilo: Deep purple* Dahlia Dalina Maxi Emilio: Tangerine orange* Dahlia Dalina Maxi Mendoza: Deep pink* Dahlia Dalina Maxi Salinas: Candy pink with a white/yellow centre* Dahlia Dalina Maxi Tampico: Bicoloured strawberry and …  More Info

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Cosmos bipinnatus 'Double Click Snow Puff'

The spectacular white, pom-pom flowers with a delicate hint of blushed pink of Cosmos Double Click Snow Puff sit on sturdy stems making this latest colour in the 'Double Click' series. Makes an excellent cut flower as well as adding height and interest to borders all summer.  More Info

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Viburnum opulus

…plenty of year round interest. From late spring it is covered with a mass of pale green, pom-pom flower heads that gradually mature to pristine white. The blooms are loved by pollinating insects, making this a great choice for a wildlife area. By autumn, the floiwers are…  More Info

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