White Lupin

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Lupin 'Gallery White'

…return year after year, getting stronger, with more flower spikes each time. The Lupin Gallery Series are intensely coloured varieties that add vibrancy and structure to your garden displays. These amazing dwarf lupins are easy to grow and once the first flower spike…  More Info

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Lupin 'The Chatelaine'

…garden wouldn't be complete without a lupin or two so why not add a modern variety into the mix? Lupin 'The Chatelaine' boasts a pleasing mix of pink and white in the tall spires of pea-like flowers that provide colour from early summer onwards. Like all   More Info

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Lupin Gallery Collection

…dwarf lupins are easy to grow and once the first flower spike starts to fade, simply cut it back and a second flush will start to grow! Their compact shape and size means that these lupins can be grown in pots too! Collection comprises of three varieties, ?Gallery Red…  More Info

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Everlasting Perennial Collection

…for rockeries and gravel gardens. Sprays of tiny pink flowers appear in summer, above the semi-evergreen foliage. * Lupin ‘Russel Hybrids’ - These elegant lupins produce tall spires of tightly packed flowers, that rise above palmate foliage in a magical…  More Info

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Perennial Collection

…Shasta Daisy with large white blooms in late summer. Height: 40cm (16?). Spread: 50cm (20?). * Heliopsis ?Burning Hearts? ? Golden Daisy blooms with dark orange centres contrast beautifully with the dark green foliage. Height: 120cm (48?). Spread: 60cm (24?). * Lupin  More Info

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Clematis All Season Collection

…indigo blooms with slender, reflexed petals and a lovely sweet fragrance. It is perfect for bulking up borders among tall perennials such as Lupins, Foxgloves, and Delphiniums. Height: 90cm (35). Spread: 50cm (20). Pruning group: 3. Plant height and spread is seasonal…  More Info

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