White Double Rose

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Rose 'Scented Double White'

…petals sculpt these exquisitely scented double blooms. This repeat flowering rose combines improvements in scent, form, and colour with enhanced disease resistance. A sensational addition to borders! Height: 1m (3'). Useful links: How to plant and grow roses  More Info

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Rose Double Duo Collection

…flowers to enjoy indoors. Height: 120 (47"). Spread: 75cm (30"). Rose 'Scented Double White' - Ruffles of perfectly formed petals sculpt these exquisitely scented double blooms. This repeat flowering rose combines improvements…  More Info

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Scabious 'Dwarf Double Mixed'

Fragrant, fully double and relatively compact. These are lovely 'cushion' flowers in maroon, carmine, scarlet, pink, rose and white. Ideal in groups for border or as cut flowers when they last well in water.  More Info

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Daffodil 'Rose of May Improved'

Large buds open to reveal fully double, creamy white blooms resembling glorious Gardenias, with layer upon layer of petals. Their powerful scent will make you stop in your tracks. Grow them outdoors, or in containers on a bright windowsill inside. Also excellent as cut…  More Info

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Lily 'Roselily' Collection

…Lily ?Roselily? Collection comprises 2 bulbs each of: * Lily ?Nora? ? Luxuriant double blooms with satin pink petals.* Lily ?Sara? ? Double flowers with deep rose-pink petals, each with a contrasting streak of red. * Lily ?Sita? ? Gleaming white double  More Info

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Helianthemum Collection

…flowers with deep golden centres.* Helianthemum 'The Bride' - An RHS AGM variety with pure white, tissue paper blooms.* Helianthemum 'Pink Angel' - A double flowered variety producing ruffled rosettes of rose pink petals.* Helianthemum 'Ben Mohr' - Another well…  More Info

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Large Flowered Clematis Collection

…display of purple and apple green, fully double flowers. Flowering profusely throughout the summer, they make a fine focal point when grown against a wall or cloaking a sturdy obelisk. * Clematis Trio comprises: * 1 x Clematis 'Miss Bateman' - Dazzling white flowers…  More Info

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