White Diamond

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Daffodil 'White Diamonds' Mixture

A fabulous mix of white Narcissus that will gleam like precious jewels each spring. Daffodil 'White Diamonds Mix' brings together large, dwarf, single and double varieties for a full and varied dispay. Plant them en masse in large groups for maximum impact. Superb in…  More Info

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Dianthus Summer Diamond 'Ruby Picotee'

…dazzle you with a profusion of bicoloured blooms throughout summer. Each ruby and white flower boasts a frilly edge and a sweet perfume, making a lovely cut flower for a summer bouquet. Dianthus Summer Diamonds ?Ruby Picotee? is free flowering with an upright habit.…  More Info

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Spathiphyllum 'Diamond'

…popular plant, valued for its striking creamy-white spathes, but ‘Diamond’ is an especially sought-after variety which offers not just unusual flowers but eye-catching foliage too. Spathiphyllum ‘Diamond’ has graceful, upright leaves with…  More Info

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Physocarpus opulifolius 'Amber Jubilee'

…in honour of the Queen Elizabeth?s Diamond Jubilee. Distinctive, highly decorative leaves emerge in spring in salmon-orange shades, creating a stunning display early in the year, before turning to green as they mature. Gorgeous clusters of small creamy white flowers…  More Info

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