White Broccoli

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Broccoli 'Burbank' F1 Hybrid (White Sprouting)

Strong, vigorous plants produce a high yield of large, creamy-white spears over several weeks from February. Broccoli 'Burbank' is the first British-bred, F1 hybrid, white sprouting broccoli. This tasty, versatile brassica provides an excellent supply of fresh greens…  More Info

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Broccoli 'Sweet Returns' F1 (Calabrini) (White Sprouting)

…sweet-stemmed Broccoli, this variety will produce tender, tasty sideshoots from the leaf axils, even without the main head being cut. The shoots can be harvested as and when you need them, and they will just keep coming! Enjoy a long cropping period with this delicious   More Info

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Broccoli 'Green Magic' (Calabrese)

Broccoli ?Green Magic? produces flavoursome rich green heads which are packed full of health benefits. Loved for its reliable performance, superior flavour and showing good resistance to white rust, its no wonder this variety has earned a prestigious RHS AGM. A sweet flavour…  More Info

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Iberis sempervirens

Masses of scented white flowers are the head turning feature of'this RHS AGM Candytuft variety, Iberis Sempervirens. It's an evergreen'hardy perennial that will feel at home in poor soils in rockeries, on the tops of walls or the front of borders and is a reliable ground cover plant…  More Info

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Candytuft 'Dwarf Fairyland Mixed'

…pink , maroon, carmine and white and after flowering leave behind exquisite seed heads - just right for everlasting flower arrangements. Culinary note: Both the leaves and flowers of candytuft can be eaten raw and have a taste similar to that of a sweet broccoli. For…  More Info

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Swiss Chard 'Lucullus'

…abundance of wide, white stems which are deliciously succulent when cooked like asparagus, and served with butter. The large, tasty leaves make a flavoursome alternative to spinach, and if left to flower, the flower stalks can also be cooked and eaten like sprouting   More Info

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