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Fothergilla major

…of the witch hazel is a compact deciduous shrub with glossy, textured, deep green leaves. In May, as the leaves are unfurling, masses of fragrant white, fluffy bottlebrush flowers smother the shrub with colour. As autumn approaches the leaves take on brilliant red and orange…  More Info

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Hazel (Hedging)

A hazel hedge is always going to look attractive, no matter what time of year. In spring, masses of yellow-green catkins appear before the dense foliage smothers the stems from tip to toe. Later in the year a heavy crop of cobnuts will form which are always a Christmas…  More Info

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Corylus avellana (Hedging)

Hazel is an attractive, bushy tree which produces a mass of yellow-green catkins in the early spring followed a heavy crop of cobnuts in from September. The broad leaves help to provide an effective screen from spring through until autumn whenb they will fall to uncover a…  More Info

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