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Nerine bowdenii 'Stefani'

The perfect way to add a final flourish of blooms to your beds and borders, Nerine bowdenii 'Stefani' will add a touch of cheer when many other plants have faded away. The white and pink coloured flowers of this lovely Guernsey Lily are also ideal for…  More Info

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Nerine bowdenii 'Mixed'

when many other plants are beginning to fade! The impressive display of firework like blooms looks particularly effective when planted in tight groups. Ideal for growing indoors or outside. These hardy bulbs also make superb and long lasting cut…  More Info

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Nerine bowdenii 'Pink'

…of pink, Nerine bowdenii 'Pink' are guaranteed to brighten up any autumn flower border when other blooms are fading away. These impressive flowers sit on tall slender stems which make them ideal for cutting too, just the thing to have home grown, fresh…  More Info

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Nerine 'Mr John'

…appearing in autumn make Nerine ?Mr John? a great choice for late season colour at the back of your flower beds and borders. Equally at home in containers on a sunny patio this striking Guernsey Lily is guaranteed to add a much needed injection of delightful colour   More Info

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Amarine 'BellaDiva Mixed'

…stems, a vigorous habit, larger blooms and superior hardiness all in one plant. Planted in a sunny, sheltered spot, these stunning Amarines will bring a bright splash of colour from September to November when few other plants are in bloom. The…  More Info

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