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Lova Diversifolium (Lava plant) On Wooden Tray x 1

…absorbs water and nutrients directly from the stone. It?s exposed roots and handsome wavy fronds make this unusual house plant a fabulous talking point. This decorative plant is supplied on its own completely unique piece of Lava Rock, each completely individual and mounted in a sturdy black tray.  More Info

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Schefflera Plant on Lava Rock in a Tray (Lova plant) (House Plant)

…the water and nutrients it needs straight from the stone. This well loved variety boasts palmate evergreen foliage and shows off its roots, making it a fantastic focal point! This Schefflera comes in its own individual chunk of lava rock which is mounted in a durable black stone tray. The ideal…  More Info

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Self-Watering Seed Starter Kit

…self-watering kit contains 35 coir plugs, plastic reservoir tray which will keep the seedlings consistently moist, and a clear plastic lid to maintain a warm atmosphere - the perfect conditions for your seedlings! Simply add water to the tray to moisten the peat-free plugs and then sow individual…  More Info

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24 Cell Windowsill Greenhouse

…germination. The cells are the perfect size for sowing large or quick growing seed such as pumpkins, tomatoes, sunflowers, calendula, marigolds and plenty more! Each kit comprises two coir 12 cell trays (24 cells in total), a plastic drip tray for catching irrigation water, and a clear plastic lid  More Info

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Kingfisher Deluxe Bird Feeding Station with Feeders

…by suspending the nut, seed and suet feeders (all included) from the curved hanging frame. The set includes a set of five hooks, a water dish and mesh food tray to offer the birds a wide variety of treats. The mix of foods will allow you to cater for the needs and feeding choices of many different…  More Info

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Kingfisher Bird Feeding Station (without feeders)

…real feast by suspending different feeders, such as nut, seed and suet (not included), from the curved hanging frame. The set includes a water dish and mesh food tray to offer the birds a wide variety of treats. The mix of feed you can provide will allow you to cater for different needs and feeding…  More Info

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Bird Feeding Station with 4 Bird Feeders

water in a way that is suited to different types of birds. For example the tray is suitable for birds such as Wood Pigeons, whereas the hanging feeders will attract birds such as Great Tits. After a while the birds in the local area, will learn that it is a great place to get some food and water,  More Info

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