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Lobelia 'Waterfall Ice Blue'

Perfect for planting in patio containers and hanging baskets, Lobelia 'Waterfall Ice Blue' is a rather unique lobelia plant that is non-seeding, meaning that it will flower for a much longer period in your summer displays. Masses of royal blue flowers are enhanced with a central…  More Info

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Rock Fall Fountain

…feature. This attractive design features a group of realistic rocks, piled neatly on top of each other to mimic the natural wonder of a rocky waterfall. The water feature is self-contained, making it great for all those who do not have a mains water supply through their…  More Info

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Serenity Hollow Tree Trunk Waterfall Water Feature

…courtyard with this hollow tree trunk waterfall water feature from Serenity. It is designed to look like a hollowed-out tree trunk and will look great in any outside space. This water feature looks like it?s come straight from a fairy tale, and once the waterfall  More Info

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Serenity Tabletop Tree Trunk Waterfall Water Feature

Serenity Table-top Tree Trunk Waterfall Water Feature Create a stylish and relaxing space in your home or garden with this stunning tree trunk waterfall table-top water feature from Serenity. This eye-catching design will easily become the focal point of your garden, allowing…  More Info

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Cascading Barrel Water Feature And Planter

…feature is perfect for creating an attractive focal point in any garden, courtyard or conservatory. The stylish design includes a realistic rock waterfall that is illuminated by four LED lights, allowing you to enjoy it at any time of the day or night. To start enjoying your…  More Info

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Extra Large Rock Pool Water Feature With Lights

This extra-large rock pool water feature is ideal for adding a magnificent focal point to any garden, courtyard or conservatory. The waterfall appears to be extremely realistic and is lit up by seven LED lights ensuring that you can ensure it at all times of the day or night. All…  More Info

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Cascading Rock Pool Water Feature

…any garden, courtyard or conservatory with this cascading rock pool water feature. This attractive design features a realistic looking rock waterfall, that is highlighted by four LED lights, allowing it to be enjoyed day and night. The water feature is mains powered and…  More Info

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Garden Genie Fountain Fresh

Garden Genie Fountain Fresh Keep your water features in perfect condition with this Fountain Fresh liquid. Perfect for fountains, waterfalls, self-contained water features and re-circulating streams, this liquid is a safe, a non-toxic water clarifier. Using the fountain fresh liquid…  More Info

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Pansy 'Waterfall Mix'

…your winter hanging baskets! Neat, compact plants with a cascading habit produce a torrent of blooms in a vibrant colour mix. Better still, Pansy 'Waterfall' are gently perfumed with a sweet, sugary fragrance that will delight your senses. Position them close to a doorway,…  More Info

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Winter Bedding Bumper Pack

…and elegant foliage. Supplied as vigorous plug plants. Collection comprises of twelve of each:* Bellis Pomponette Bicolour (Frilly Mix)* Pansy Waterfall Mix* Primula (Primrose) Mega Mixed* Primula (Primrose) Most Scented Mix* Erysimum (Wallflower) Sugar Rush (Dolce Vita Mix)…  More Info

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