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Walnut 'Europa'

If you fancy growing walnuts but don’t have the space, Walnut ‘Europa’ is the answer. ‘Europa’ is an especially dwarf variety of walnut, reaching only 3.5 metres tall at maturity, unlike the common walnut which reaches a towering 30 metres. ‘Europa’s’…  More Info

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Walnut (Juglans) 'Broadview'

Walnut 'Broadview' is one of the best self-fertile varieties for UK growing and is one of the fastest to mature, producing fruit from its third or fourth year. A compact and slow-growing variety, Juglans regia 'Broadview' is ideal for smaller gardens, where the slivery grey bark and colour-changing…  More Info

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Walnut (Juglans) 'Buccaneer'

Along with 'Broadview', walnut 'Buccaneer' is one of the most suitable self-fertile varieties for growing in the UK. Hardy, late-cropping and vigorous, Juglans regia 'Buccaneer' produces heavy crops of tasty round nuts, starting to produce fruit after only 3-5 years. Harvest green for pickling in…  More Info

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Celeriac 'Monarch'

…roots. Easier to grow than celery and can be grated raw over salads, cut into slices and boiled, or into strips which are fried. T&M's illustration shows Celeriac cubed and served with a walnut butter. An exciting dish which you too can create by using the FREE recipe, sent with each packet.  More Info

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Xanthoceras sorbifolium

Rarely seen, Xanthoceras sorbifolium, also known as Shinyleaf Yellowhorn, is one of the most beautiful small deciduous trees. Native to northern China, it has an upright, branching habit clothed in bright green leaves that are composed of small, toothed leaflets and resemble a Mountain Ash. From May…  More Info

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