Wallflower Roots

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Hydrangea petiolaris

…shade loving Hydrangea is ideal for cold, north facing walls that seldom see the sun. This variety is the holder of an RHS AGM and despite being slightly slow to get going, it will quickly climb fences and walls with its clinging aerial roots once established. Height: 10m …  More Info

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Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight'

…often the last plant to lose its summer flowers in the garden. It enjoys dappled shade, so planting under a tree canopy or by a wall where its roots will be shaded is ideal. A simple prune in late autumn will help it grow in great condition the following year. Height and…  More Info

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Hedera hibernica

…fast-growing, easy to care for, versatile climbing shrub. Its glossy green evergreen leaves grow all year round in both light or shade, while its aerial roots mean it can climb up walls, fences, sheds and trees. It can also be trained as a groundcover, making a very useful,…  More Info

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Rose Climbing Collection (Climbing)

…of climbing roses that will fill your garden with scent and colour throughout the summer. Perfect for training onto walls and pergolas. Bare root plants supplied. Height: 3m (10') Spread 2m (6').* Collection comprises:* Rosa 'Paul's Scarlet' - Large clusters of double blooms…  More Info

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