Wall Basket Flowers

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Begonia 'Fragrant Falls Improved™ - Apricot Delight'

…The 'Apricot Delight' flowers are double blooms and the plants are covered in them, throughout summer and well into autumn. These trailing begonias are ideal for baskets, flower pouches and window boxes and are very shade tolerant, making them suitable for…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Giant Marbled Collection'

…'Giant Marbled Collection' provides a magnificent mixture of trailing fuchsia plants suitable for containers and hanging baskets. They also look effective trailing over walls and in rockeries. The delightful half-hardy perennials provide a unique combination of…  More Info

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Bidens ferulifolia 'Golden Eye'

…breeding program comes this prostrate form of Bidens, Ideally suited for baskets and containers or tumbling over low walls, the bright yellow flowers and ferny foliage will enhance the summer sunshine in any garden. Flowers summer. Height: 25-30cm (10…  More Info

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Petunia 'Surfinia® White'

…white flowers and it is ideal planted with darker flowers for a lovely contrast. It has the added bonus of being weather resistant and it is also vigorous, with long trailing stems that can reach up to 90cm (35). Plant it to create impressive displays in your…  More Info

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Petunia Trailing 'Blue Vein'

…trailing stems, reaching up to 90cm (35); ideal for creating a cascade of colour from hanging baskets, flower pouches' and containers. For a less formal display, let Petunia Trailing 'Blue Vein' tumble over walls in a wave of trumpet shaped blooms. Trails to:…  More Info

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Nasturtium 'Tropical Mix' (Seeds)

…colour with masses of bright, frilly blooms. An ideal variety for climbing up walls, fences and trellis. Height: 240cm (94). Spread: 150cm (59). Culinary information: The peppery flavour of the leaves and colourful flowers will enrich salads and the unripe seeds can…  More Info

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Petunia 'Tidal Wave'

…of popular petunias, with a profusion of flowers that are red, pink, lilac white and purple in colour. They are perfect for creating summer displays in patio containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. As a trailing plant they can cascade over low walls, and…  More Info

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Lobelia pendula 'Monsoon'

…this trailing version is sure to appeal. With a vigorous cascading habit and masses of deep blue flowers, Lobelia 'Monsoon' is ideal for filling baskets and containers or spilling over low walls and rockeries. The bright green summer foliage matures to a rich…  More Info

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Nasturtium 'Jewel of Africa'

…against a light green background. They make fantastic, dramatic container and basket plants or simply use them for effective ground cover. They also look good trailing and climbing over conifers, hedges and short walls. Please Note: Occasionally some plants produce…  More Info

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Geranium 'GeRainbow™ Mixed'

…window box or hanging basket, alternatively they can be trained up a trellis, to grow like a climbing plant, to quickly transform a drab fence or wall. The large flowers are a mix of white, pink and red. This trailing pelargonium has ivy like leaves, and has a…  More Info

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