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Potato 'Vivaldi'

Second early. 'Vivaldi' is a versatile potato that can be boiled, baked or mashed. It can be harvested early in the growing season if baby potatoes are preferred. Alternatively, it can be grown as a second early/early maincrop potato, so larger tubers are produced. It has good…  More Info

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Patio Refill Potato Collection

…rounder'. Potato 'Maris Piper' produces dry, floury tubers with creamy-white flesh of good flavour, that rarely discolours on cooking.* Potato 'Vivaldi' - A real all-rounder. Can be harvested early as a salad potato or left in the ground to form larger, fluffier potatoes.…  More Info

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Potato 'Vivaldi'

…baking, roasting and mashing. It can even be harvested early for high yields of 'baby potatoes'. Oval, yellow skinned with pale yellow flesh, Vivaldi makes a delicious general purpose potato. (Each pack of 20 tubers weighs approximately 1.3kg). Place the seed potatoes into…  More Info

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Pleione 'Vivaldi'

…to grow! As they multiply more quickly and easily than any other orchid, you'll soon have a patch in the border, or a dish pot full of them! 'Vivaldi' has pale purple-pink flowers with a pink-flushed creamy white lip. Flowering during April and May. Ht. 10-15cm. Supplied as…  More Info

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