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Vipers Bugloss

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Wildflower Mixture

…and White Campion, Dames Violet, Evening Primrose, Musk Mallow, Marjoram, Yellow Melilot, Ragged Robin, Yellow Rocket, Small Scabious, Vervain, Vipers Bugloss and many other. Please Note: Even though wild flowers they should not be scattered in the wild without the authorisation of your local Nature…  More Info

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Echium Amoenum Red Feathers

With increasingly dry summers and the need to conserve water, choosing drought-tolerant plants has never been more important. Echium ‘Red Feathers’ is an exciting introduction to the dry-garden repertoire, offering architectural structure and an unusual colour palette. Basal rosettes of…  More Info

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Echium russicum

From the Balkans comes this unusual red-flowered Echium. Echium russicum bears basal clumps of slender, grey-green leaves which give rise to stiff, twelve-inch, flower spikes, densely packed with small crimson flowers with conspicuous red anthers. Like other Echiums, these soon hum loudly with…  More Info

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