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Fruit Tree Orchard Collection

…reliable cropper. Pick in September and these sweet juicy pears are ready for eating from October to November. Self fertile. Height: 3m (9').* Plum Victoria - Delicious eaten fresh straight from the tree but also recommended for freezing, jam-making and desserts. Height when…  More Info

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Favourite Fruit Tree Collection

A collection of three fruit trees that will supply you with fresh produce for years and years to come, with a Bramley apple, Cherry 'Stella' and Victoria Plum, you will have the best selection of fruit to bake with, eat fresh from the tree or even make preserves with. Perfect for…  More Info

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Plum 'Victoria'

A classic, self fertile variety of plum producing heavy crops of delicious fruit in August and September. Victoria plums are delicious eaten straight from the tree, but also are excellent for freezing, jam-making and desserts. 1.2m high root wrap tree supplied that should produce a…  More Info

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Plum Victoria Patio Collection

A classic, self fertile variety of plum producing heavy crops of delicious fruit in August and September. Victoria plums are delicious eaten straight from the tree, but also are excellent for freezing, jam-making and desserts  More Info

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Poppy 'Prinzessin Victoria Louise'

…many shades but this apricot pink variety is one that is not to be missed. Although the blooms of Oriental Poppies are short lived ?Prinzessin Victoria Louise' does it in style with tall bristled stems contrasting with the delicate ruffled crepe paper-like petals around a…  More Info

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Weigela 'Victoria'

Weigela 'Victoria' is an enchanting deciduous shrub with a compact and upright habit. Its rich purple-bronze foliage contrasts magnificently with deep pink, trumpet-shaped blooms. In flower from late spring until early summer, Victoria attracts bees and other pollinators into…  More Info

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Lobelia cardinalis 'Queen Victoria'

A popular herbaceous perennial, Lobelia cardinalis 'Queen Victoria' has dramatic purple-black leaves and tall contrasting spikes of vibrant red flowers from late summer through to autumn. Preferring a damp spot in the garden, Cardinal Flower is ideal for bringing late season colour…  More Info

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Rhubarb 'Victoria' (Spring/Autumn Planting)

Savour the flavour of Rhubarb 'Victoria'! This one is perfect for beginners, being one of the easiest cultivars to grow. The stems are greenish-pink with a sweet flavour and well balanced acidity. This traditional variety produces a reliable crop, year after year. Supplied as budded…  More Info

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Microgreens Salad Rocket 'Victoria'

Rocket ?Victoria? microgreens have an intense flavour, adding a peppery bite to salads or sandwiches. These tasty shoots make the perfect salad garnish and add a punchy flavour to sandwiches and wraps. Microgreens are eaten as young seedlings prior to the first true leaves forming,…  More Info

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Asarina purpusii 'Victoria Falls'

Vibrant cerise-purple antirrhinum-like flowers, clasped in lime-green bracts, cascade from delicately arching stems, that grow to 45cm (18in). This half-hardy perennial will flower from early May until cut back by frost. Non-climbing, use in baskets, containers, and window boxes.  More Info

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Iris 'Victoria Falls'

This vibrant re-blooming, bearded Iris provides a colourful display in spring and a second flush in midsummer. This hardy perennial are easy to grow and quick to establish in sunny borders, coping well with sandy, dry soils. Perfect for creatiing focal points in borders where their tall…  More Info

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Salad Leaves 'Speedy Mix'

…and leaf shapes for sandwiches, salads and garnishes. Quickest during the summer months when Speedy Mixed will produce 'salad leaves' in about 25 days, but can also be sown all year indoors. Contents: Salad Rocket Victoria, Greek Cress, Mizuna, Mustard Green & Red Frills…  More Info

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Plum Black Amber (Mini Fruit Tree)

…sweet flavour. Although partially self-fertile this variety will produce a better yield if planted with a pollination companion such as Plum 'Victoria'. Supplied pot grown, 30-40cm (12-16) in height. Height and spread if grown in a container: 1m (39). Height and spread will…  More Info

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Plum 'Opal'

An amazing reliable garden variety of plum, Plum 'Opal' is suitable for growing throughout the country. With an earlier crop than 'Victoria', 'Opal' is a dessert plum that produces a heavy crop of excellent quality, small, yellow skinned fruits with an attractive red flush through…  More Info

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Poppy 'Oriental Collection'

…and black blotches at the centre.* Papaver ?Beauty of Livermere? - Petals are rich crimson red, with a splash of black in the centre.* Papaver ?Victoria Louise? ? Tall, bristled stems topped with the ruffled, crepe paper petals around a deep, dark centre.* Papaver ?Queen…  More Info

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Iris Re-Blooming Collection

…vase indoors. Height: 90cm (36). Spread: 30cm (12).* Collection comprises 1 rhizome each of: * Iris ?Orange Harvest? - Rust orange flowers.* Iris ?Victoria Falls? - Light blue iris flowers.* Iris ?Cantina? - Violet blooms.* Iris ?Buckwheat? - Golden yellow petals.* Iris …  More Info

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