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Verbena bonariensis 'Buenos Aires'

The tall structure of Verbena ?Buenos Aires? makes a bold statement in any garden. With branching stems and clusters of tiny purple flowers, this is a great choice for late-summer colour, and it is attractive to bees and other insects too. Verbena gives good value as it…  More Info

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Verbena bonariensis 'Royal Dreams'

Verbena bonariensis is a well-loved perennial, prized for its glowing mauve-purple blooms. This new dwarf variety means that it?s no longer confined to the back of the border! Verbena bonariensis ?Royal Dreams? reaches just 60cm (24?) tall - perfect for mingling with…  More Info

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Verbena 'Voodoo Star Mixed'

The flowers of Verbena 'Voodoo Star Mixed' are a bit like a dwarf cross between a petunia and geranium plant. The colouring of the petals are reminiciscent of petunias, but they are in clusters, on flower stems, like geraniums. A lovely plant for patio containers, flower…  More Info

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Garden Ready Summer Colour Duo

…them in beds, borders, baskets, pots or flower pouches! Upgrade your collection to feature two more exciting varieties:* Verbena 'Quartz Mixed' (30 garden ready plants) - A dwarf, spreading variety with excellent mildew resistance to ensure a long lasting display.…  More Info

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Summer Bedding Collection

…(24).* Stocks 'Clove-scented Mix' - Wonderfully fragrant flowers in shades of pink, purple and cream. Makes a great cut-flower. Height: 30cm (12).* Verbena 'Peaches and Cream' - Trailing stems and pretty peachy-salmon florets make this ideal for borders, pots and baskets. Ht…  More Info

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