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Verbascum x hybrida 'Snow Maiden'

A first class garden plant! Well branched, erect spikes covered in large 4cm (1½in) pure white flowers, over a long period. An incredibly beautiful plant for the back of borders, seldom requiring support.  More Info

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Verbascum phlomoides 'Snow Maiden'

…each featuring a primrose yellow centre, that rise above perennial borders. Despite normally being grown as a short lived perennial or biennial, this Verbascum self seeds to provide a fresh crop of plants the next spring which will flower in the following year. Height…  More Info

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Verbascum phlomoides 'Banana Custard'

Verbascum phlomoides 'Banana Custard' is a dramatic plant for the back of the border, with tall yellow flower spikes rising above low rosettes of grey-green foliage from June to August. Often grown as a biennial, or short-lived perennial, this striking architectural plant is prized…  More Info

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Verbascum Phoeniceum Violetta

…early to mid-summer, sporting flowers which are a rare, rich purple that look fabulous contrasted with acid yellow euphorbias and orange geums. Verbascum phoeniceum ‘Violetta’ bears erect, airy stems carrying many thin-petalled flowers which rise from basal…  More Info

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