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Wallflower 'Sugar Rush' Mix

…you?ve fallen behind with your planting or if greenhouse space is limited, we can help you catch up with our garden-ready plug plants. These sturdy plants are larger than other plugs so they can be planted straight out in the garden provided that there are no…  More Info

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Garden Gear Electric Weed Sweeper with Spare Brushes

…supplied will get into the smallest of crevices, removing debris in an instant. With a powerful 140W motor, the nylon brush is perfect for light vegetation and the steel brush is ideal for use on tougher debris, removing all your weeds without toxic chemicals and pesticides…  More Info

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Garden Gear Electric Weed Sweeper

…the smallest of gaps, instantly removing debris. The sweeper has a powerful 140W and a nylon brush which is ideally designed for tackling light vegetation. The steel brush is best used on tougher debris and will remove all weeds without harmful chemicals and pesticides that…  More Info

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