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Peony 'Garden Treasure'

…border peony and a tree peony is very much sought after for its floral display, statuesque habit and fragrance. Expect more than 50 highly scented blooms each year once plants have matured. These top-performing peony plants just keep on going, lasting 40 years or more   More Info

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Fuji Cherry 'Kojo No Mai'

…Height and spread: 2.5m (8'). Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than a defined plant size. The height and spread of the plant delivered will vary depending on the season, meaning arrival images are an indication only. Useful links: How to…  More Info

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Aconite in the Green

These Winter Aconite bulbs are sold 'in the green' and delivered to you in early to late spring when the plants are growing. They can be planted under trees in dappled shade; in shady borders and in informal areas of grass where their sunny, buttercup-like flowers will…  More Info

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Woodland Garden Saver Collection

…Giant Snowdrops, Russian Snowdrops, Bluebells and Aconites. These reliable bulb species can be used to create a mass of colour in your lawn or under trees. The top quality, long-lasting bulbs are delivered to your door perfect for spring meaning they can be planted…  More Info

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Crocus 'Value Mix'

…loved for their glowing flowers that bejewel lawns, beds and borders, welcoming the spring. This colourful mix is perfect for naturalising under deciduous trees, or dotting throughout the rockery. It?s well worth planting up a container or two for the patio so that…  More Info

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Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight'

…late summer and continues well into autumn, often the last plant to lose its summer flowers in the garden. It enjoys dappled shade, so planting under a tree canopy or by a wall where its roots will be shaded is ideal. A simple prune in late autumn will help it grow in…  More Info

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Cherry 'Sinensis'

…small and low-maintenance gardens. Easy to grow, this Prunus looks fabulous planted as a specimen shrub, as part of a mixed border, or under-planted with early spring bulbs for a spectacular spring show. Height and spread: 1.5m (5'). Supplied in 9cm pots. Useful links: How to plant…  More Info

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Lily 'Starlight Magic Rouge'

…exotic looking blooms on short compact stems. These beautiful border lilies will knit together to create a marvellous display - try them in beds and borders, under trees and shrubs or even as a path edging. Height: 30cm (12 inches). Bulb size: 12/ 14cm circumference.…  More Info

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Pulmonaria 'Sissinghurst White'

…mottled, felted leaves and dozens of pretty little white flowers that bees love through the summer. Pulmonaria will make good ground cover under trees and shrubs or in a shady corner of the garden and is very suitable for a woodland or cottage garden setting. These…  More Info

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Corydalis 'Canary Feathers'

…upright, blue-grey feathery foliage and is one of the most floriferous of all the Corydalis family. Plant 'Canary Feathers' in light woodland, under shrubs or trees or in dappled shade in pots or borders and it will reward you with a splash of canary yellow where you…  More Info

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Spring Bulbs In The Green Collection

…Single Snowdrops, Double Snowdrops, Bluebells and Aconites. These native bulb species can be used to create a mass of colour in your lawn or under trees. The top quality, long-lasting bulbs are delivered in spring either during or after flowering, meaning they can be…  More Info

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Fig 'Brown Turkey'

…grown very successfully outdoors, being fully hardy and specially selected for the UK climate. This popular fig tree produces large crops of sweet, juicy fruits with a deep red flesh under the brown skins, developing in spring and ripening from August to September. A…  More Info

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