Umbrella Plant

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Umbrella Plant with Braided Stem

A lovely specimen houseplant for the home or office alike, this Umbrella Plant looks like a miniature exotic tree with its decoratively braided triple stem bearing a dense canopy of attractive, glossy green, palm-shaped laves. Low maintenance and easy to grow, Schefflera…  More Info

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Nectaroscordum siculum

Nectaroscordum siculum is closely related to the allium family, with stiff, upright stems that add a strong vertical element to planting schemes. Intriguing umbrellas of waxy, bell shaped flowers top the tall, glaucous stems from May to June. Each delicate bloom is deep cream…  More Info

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Schefflera Plant on Lava Rock in a Tray (Lova plant) (House Plant)

An intriguing Umbrella Plant that is grown on porous lava rock enabling it to absorb the water and nutrients it needs straight from the stone. This well loved variety boasts palmate evergreen foliage and shows off its roots, making it a fantastic focal point! This Schefflera…  More Info

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Brolly Cloche

Brolly Cloche Protect your crops from pesky pests! The Pop n Crop Plant Umbrella is a completely new and unique way to protect fruit, vegetables, herbs, plants and more from pesky birds, butterflies (including Cabbage Whites), pets and pests! It really couldn't be…  More Info

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