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Turnip 'Rapa De Lodi'

This compact Turnip 'Rapa De Lodi' has an excellent taste and a crisp white colour. It prefers a full sun position and is great choice for growing on the patio and also in the border. Height and spread: 25cm (10?).  More Info

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Turnip 'Snowball'

A first-class white, globe turnip. Turnip Snowball is early, juicy and sweet flavoured, will yield a good supply from early summer to early winter, and the tops make most nutritious and tasty 'greens'.  More Info

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Turnip 'Oasis'

* Melon flavoured turnipIf you have never tried to grow this vegetable, you must try Turnip Oasis. Can be picked at any size with a surprisingly sweet juicy flavour similar to a melon. Turnip Oasis is delicious when eaten raw like an apple, or grated and added to salads.…  More Info

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Turnip 'Silky Sweet' F1

Turnip 'Silky Sweet' produces small, rounded white roots that are crisp, sweet and juicy – perfect for eating raw to enjoy their amazing silky-smooth texture. Packed with vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and folate, these tender turnips make for a super healthy snack or…  More Info

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Turnip 'Golden Ball'

Turnip 'Golden Ball' delivers an exceptionally long cropping season of uniform round roots with buttery yellow flesh, perfect for use in hearty stews, casseroles and soups. Sow this very hardy variety successively and enjoy a harvest which lasts from summer through to winter. The…  More Info

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Turnip 'Sweetbell' F1 Hybrid

Turning the idea of the traditionally dull root vegetable on its head, here's a truly outstanding tasting 'salad turnip'! The attractive purple-topped roots have a succulent white flesh and are delicious cooked or simply grated raw in salads. There's no bitter aftertaste however you…  More Info

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Turnip 'Milan Purple Top'

Quick growing, eat when small and tender.  More Info

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Turnip 'Snowball' (Seeds)

Easy-to-grow, white turnip that offers, sweet, crisp roots, full of favour and low in calories. Cropping from early autumn through winter, they are a really useful vegetable. Height: 25cm (10). Spread: 25cm (10).  More Info

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