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Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Red'

Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Red' produces an abundant early crop of sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes throughout summer. These compact bush varieties have a naturally trailing habit that will cascade over the sides of baskets, containers and window boxes. With no side shooting or…  More Info

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Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Yellow'

Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Yellow' is a sweet and juicy variety of tomato giving an abundance of fruits throughout the summer. It has a naturally trailing habit so is ideal in baskets, containers, and window boxes. This variety is ideal for both outdoor growth or under glass due to…  More Info

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Cherry Tomato Duo Collection

…Cherry Tomato Duo Collection Kit contains: 3 Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Red' Postiplug plants, 3 Tomato 'Bitesize' Postiplug plants, 100g tomato fertiliser , 3 tomato watering collars, growing bag and a hanging basket & liner. -- Companion planting: Try…  More Info

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