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Tulip Elegant Mix

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Tulip Elegant Mix

A striking mix of elegant, lily flowered tulips. Tulip ?Elegant Mix? is a slightly more unusual collection of the traditional tulips theat we see in gardens during the spring. The delicate shape yet bold colouring makes these really stand…  More Info

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Tulip and Anemone Mix

Seductively dark red tulips rise above a tapestry of white Anemone blanda. This exquisite combination will certainly give your garden that professional feel. Tulip and Anemone Mix are the perfect choice for an elegant spring display in your beds, borders and…  More Info

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Tulip and Muscari 'Blue and White Mix'

A fresh colour mix of blue Muscari and white Tulips, each striped with apple green! Tulip and Muscari 'Blue and White Mix' brings an elegant, professional display to your spring garden. Plant them en masse for the best effect. Perfect for filling beds and…  More Info

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Tulip 'Whispering Dream'

…until the top half is a deep shade of raspberry over an ivory-white base. The elegant, champagne-flute shape of this Lily-flowered variety also widens slowly to reveal the centre of each flower. Plant this variety alone or mix it with a plain white variety to create…  More Info

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Fragrant Bulb Collection

…Pheasants Eye. A mix of the prettiest colours in double blooms.* Tulip Fragrant mix - (15 bulbs) - a brilliant rainbow of colours for show-stopping display all spring! Tulips are like jewels in the garden and these have a sweet aroma too. Includes the…  More Info

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Iris 'Mysterious Rainbow'

A colourful mix of elegant Dutch Iris that will liven up your perennial borders. Iris ?Mysterious Rainbow? produce their fluttering blooms on upright stems from mid spring to late summer. These beauties look fantastic grouped in borders and patio containers, where they will…  More Info

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