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Clematis 'Snow Queen'

…summer with a second flush of blooms, some of which are striped with pale pink. It is a perfect clematis for a garden of subtle shades, or even a white garden, with only white flowering plants. It looks gorgeous alongside a white climbing rose. It can be grown…  More Info

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Clematis 'Piilu'

…flush of flowers emerge, this time as single blooms. It is suitable for both growing up fences and in patio containers with trellis, and looks great planted in obelisk planters. Height: 2m (6?). Spread: 1m (3?). Pruning group: 2. Plant height and spread is…  More Info

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Clematis 'Dancing King'

…or trellis planters and placed on the patio or decking. Clematis 'Dancing King' is a variety with beautiful lilac flowers and it has a compact habit, making it perfect for smaller gardens, balconies etc. Early flowers emerge as singles, and by late summer the…  More Info

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