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Tree Lilly Collection

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Lily Giant Flowered Collection

The Lily Giant Flowered Collection is perfect for borders and planters in formal and exotic style gardens. The three tree lily varieties all have magnificent, opulent flowers, that have a scent that fills the air on warm summer evenings. Despite growing tall, they rarely need…  More Info

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Tree Lily® Collection

Years of careful breeding have produced these breathtaking Tree Lilies' - amazing varieties of oriental lily that can grow as tall as 2.5m (8ft) within two years. A single bulb can produce up to thirty trumpet-shaped blooms up to 20cm across and will gradually develop a shrub-like…  More Info

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Towering Tree Lily® Collection

…* Collection comprises: * Tree Lily' ?Honeymoon?- Silken, buttery yellow petals with a golden heart. * Tree Lily' ?Debby?- Shimmering golden orange, perfumed blooms are flushed with crimson red. * Tree Lily' ?Anastasia?- Delicate, pale pink petals and an…  More Info

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Tree Lily 'Crystal Collection'

…Supplied as size 18/20 bulbs.* Collection comprises:* Tree Lily 'Monet' - Beautiful shell pink double lily flowers fade to a soft white at their centre with pretty cerise pink freckles.* Tree Lily 'Picasso' - Striking white lily flowers with a delicate pink…  More Info

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