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Trailing Winter Pansies

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Viola Pre-Planted Hanging Basket

…months. Hanging Basket diameter: 20cm (8in). Viola is one of our top performing hanging basket varieties, producing cascading trails of colourful blooms to brighten up the winter garden. Flowers just keep on coming and will continue to perform well into May - Four months of colour and all you need…  More Info

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Pansy 'Coolwave'

…Pouches' and window boxes. This trailing variety of pansy will provide a cascade of pretty pansies, with a mix of creams, yellows, blues and purples, throughout the dark and cold autumn and winter months and the plants will continue to bloom into the following spring. Trails to: 60cm (24?). Spread:…  More Info

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Pansy 'Coolwave Collection'

Brighten up winter containers with the vibrant colours of Pansy ?Coolwave'. These tough little bedding plants are a breeding breakthrough, bred for a gently cascading habit with large, showy flowers and a fabulous colour mix. Free-flowering and easy to grow, these Pansies are at their best during…  More Info

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Winter Bedding Ultimate Collection

…perennial pansies in a mix of yellows, blues, oranges, dark reds and bicolours. Their lovely faces bring a cheerful splash of colour that continues into late spring. Height & Spread: 21-30cm (4-8).* Pansy Cool Wave ‘Berries n Cream Mix’ (6 plugs) – superb trailing pansies in a…  More Info

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Pansy 'Waterfall Mix'

A sensational trailing Pansy for your winter hanging baskets! Neat, compact plants with a cascading habit produce a torrent of blooms in a vibrant colour mix. Better still, Pansy 'Waterfall' are gently perfumed with a sweet, sugary fragrance that will delight your senses. Position them close to a…  More Info

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Splash of Colour Collection

…(20in).* Viola Twix Mix Ocean Blue – Early and long flowering pansies in a harmonious mix of deep blue, sky blue, and white shades. Height: 20cm (8in). Spread: 23cm (9in).* Hedera ‘Silver’ – Trailing evergreen ivy with silvery green leaves and creamy margins. Height: 40cm…  More Info

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Pansy 'Coolwave Berries 'n' Cream Mix'

…colour mix are perfect for brightening up your display. Pansy 'Coolwave Berries 'n' Cream Mix' are specially bred for their ability to flourish throughout the year, making them suitable for winter or summer bedding! With a gently trailing habit, they will spill over the edges of containers, baskets…  More Info

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Bedding Winter Collection

…high whatever the weather, ensuring your garden is filled with colour throughout winter and spring. Height: 21-30cm (8-12). Spread: 10-20cm (4-8).* Pansy Cool Wave Raspberry (12 plugs) – superb trailing pansies in rich, vivid, velvety violet. These vigorous hardy perennials grow fast and can…  More Info

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